Children Under 6 Shouldn’t Watch 3-D

Nintendo is warning that their 3-D games should not be used by children under 6.  I would never have thought that it would matter but it seems that there is a concern and since 3-D is the new trend it’s something we should think about.

Here is more on the story from the Scotsman-

COMPUTER games firm Nintendo said three-dimensional (3D) games on its new handheld console could harm the eyesight of children aged six or younger.

Nintendo said some specialists believe that “there is a possibility that 3D images which send different images to the left and right eye could affect the development of vision in small children”.

The undated statement appeared on a section of the company’s Japanese website devoted to its upcoming 3DS handheld.

Nintendo joins firms such as Sony and Toshiba in warning consumers about ill effects from watching video or playing games in three dimensions.

Sony recommends that a doctor should be consulted before kids are allowed use the 3D functionality on its PlayStation game console, while Toshiba says children should be closely monitored while watching its new 3D TVs that do not require glasses.

All the companies say that the technology can also cause adult viewers to feel sick. Most 3D devices rely on technology that flashes separate images to each eye, which creates a sense of depth.

Entertainment companies are banking on 3D to fuel a new boom in TV, movies and games.

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