Saudi Arabian Flooding… Images from Jeddah

The images you see in this video are from a devastating flood in the area, unfortunately there isn’t proper drainage in the city and you can see what has happened.  This has happened before! Lives were lost and nothing has changed.

People aren’t allowed to protest in Saudi Arabia.  But thanks to images like these being sent by person to person using modern technology protests are being called for.

What do you think?



Were You Invited to the Billionaire Caucus This Weekend?

I wasn’t invited but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the event put on by the Koch Brothers!

Here is a little about the story-

Koch Industries is the second largest privately-held company in the United States. It’s based in Wichita, Kansas, and is involved in industry areas such as energy, fibers, and chemicals, among others.

Koch Industries spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer responded specifically to criticism of the weekend meeting.

“Those that are attending the conference believe that everyone benefits from the prosperity that emerges from free societies,” Pfotenhauer said. “This gathering is meant to discuss strategies for promoting policies that will help grow our economy, foster free enterprise and create American jobs.”

The Koch Foundation is one of many donors to The Heritage Foundation. Rory Cooper, director of communications for Heritage, reacted to the criticism of the Koch meeting – though he explained his group has nothing to do with it.

“I don’t understand the criticism of people getting together and talking about politics and governance,” Cooper said. “I think a lot of the people who I’ve seen, making those statements, so far, have been people who are not transparent in their own regards. So I think that there’s certainly a great deal of hypocrisy here.”

This issue of transparency – of who’s disclosing what – also enflames the debate.

Common Cause’s effort to “Uncloak the Kochs” stems from their claim that the brothers are secretly funneling money into efforts that will, eventually, advance their interests. Van Jones, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, partly put it this way: “They are the King Kong and Godzilla of bad policy, trampling through our democracy. And they must be exposed and they must be stopped.”

Koch Industries’ website denies charges like these.

“For more than 40 years, these brothers have been open and steadfast proponents of individual and economic freedom,” it states. “Through their personal involvement and private foundations, they have lawfully supported activities and causes consistent with their beliefs.”

Why shouldn’t people with lots and lots of dough get together in Palm Springs over a nice winter weekend to discuss how the future of the planet will go?





Israeli’s Worriedly Watch “Fire on the Nile”

I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything from Israel about the uprisings in Egypt.  Turns out there was a reason there wasn’t any news from Israel.  Read this…

Behind an official wall of silence, Israel watched nervously Saturday as anti-government unrest worsened in Egypt, fearful that the violent and growing street protests could topple Israel’s most important ally in the Arab world.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his government to remain silent about the situation in Egypt. But in a clear reflection of Israel’s concerns, Sun D’Or, a subsidiary of Israel’s national airline, El Al, whisked dozens of Israelis, including diplomats’ families, out of Egypt on an emergency flight. The government also urged Israelis to avoid travel to Egypt.

The stability of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s regime is a key interest for Israel.

Egypt was the first Arab country to make peace with Israel, and since succeeding the assassinated Anwar Sadat in the wake of that historic peace treaty three decades ago, Mubarak has steadfastly honored the deal.

While relations have often been cool, Mubarak has remained a key bridge to the Arab world, frequently mediating between Israel and the Palestinians. Mubarak also has cooperated with Israel in containing the militant Hamas group, which rules the Gaza Strip, a volatile coastal strip that borders both Israel and Egypt.

Israeli officials, ordered to speak on condition of anonymity, expressed grave concerns about Mubarak’s tenuous grip on power. Some said they feared the violence could spread to neighboring Jordan, the only other Arab country with a peace deal with Israel, or to the Palestinian territories.

There were also concerns that anti-Israel opposition groups, including the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, might gain a larger voice in Egyptian decision-making.

“A stable Egypt with a peace treaty with Israel means a quiet border,” one Israeli official told The Associated Press. “If there is a regime change Israel will have to reassess its strategy to protect its border from one of the most modern militaries in the region.”

Early Saturday evening, the Sun D’Or International Airlines plane touched down in Israel with about 40 Israelis who were in Egypt on private business plus an undisclosed number of diplomats’ spouses and children on board, officials said. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said its diplomats would remain in Egypt for the time being.

The Egyptian unrest dominated Israeli media. Israeli TV news channels provided nonstop updates throughout the day. State-funded Israel Radio reported extensively on developments and dubbed its broadcasts “Fire on the Nile.”


Comcast Takes Over NBC Universal

Who’d have ever imagined that a cable company could become so powerful…

The nation’s largest cable TV company, Comcast Corp., took control of NBC Universal after the government shackled its behavior in the coming years to protect online video services such as Netflix and Hulu.

The deal closed shortly before midnight EST on Friday.

The takeover gave the cable-hookup company 51 percent control of NBC Universal, which owns the nation’s fourth-ranked broadcaster, NBC; the Universal Pictures movie studio and related theme parks; and a bevy of cable channels including Bravo, E! and USA.


Taco Bell Says It Is TOO Beef!

“Thank you for suing Taco Bell.”

At least that is what ads are purportedly saying after Taco Bell has been threatened with a lawsuit for serving what some say is only 35 percent beef in their fast food products.

Taco Bell defends it’s meat by saying that it is 88 percent beef and 12 percent additives.

Here is a little bit more of the story from the UK

US fast food giant Taco Bell has taken out full-page advertisements defending its beef products.

The move comes as the chain is being sued in California over allegations that it uses large amounts of additives and little actual meat.

Taco Bell, which is also running an online advertising campaign, disputes claims its meat products contain only 35% meat.

A class-action suit alleging false advertising was filed last week.

It claims the meat that goes into Taco Bell products also contains “binders and extenders” – thickeners and bulking agents – and does not have enough meat to be called “beef”.

The company has denied these claims. It says its seasoned beef is 88% beef, with the remaining 12% a secret recipe – including water, sugar and spices.

“Thank you for suing us. Here’s the truth about our seasoned beef,” the advert placed by the company reads, adding that the USDA-inspected quality beef accounts for almost 90% of the meat content in its taco fillings.