If I Knew What I Was Talking About I’d Be Dangerous!

This seems like a good time to remind you,  my wonderful readers, that I’m not an expert on anything!  All I am is a person who reads stuff and sometimes when I read stuff, or I notice stuff I say to myself “WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT  MEAN?”

Do you ever feel that way?

I thought that when I grew up I’d know everything.  It’s pretty disturbing to find that after all these years I am still so close to being absolutely clueless.  Still, I’m proud of myself for caring.  I might make the wrong decisions and I might be incredibly foolish sometimes, and I might look like a total moron- but for me the bottom line is I’m still okay because I’m still trying to make sense of things.  I haven’t lost my drive to make sense of life.

It is why I want to start conversations.  I think maybe we can  make sense of this stuff if we talk it out together.

I’m probably wrong.




Iodine is Good For You! Strontium- Not So Hot!

The last couple of posts have been about the new EPA rules that have recently been presented.  Now there will be a time for public comment and then they’ll be put into action.  ( I’m sorry, I don’t believe that public comment can save us from strange and disturbing EPA rules.)

I can  understand why the EPA wants to protect us from Mercury.  But don’t a lot of us have Mercury in our heads already?  And don’t we get it from seafood?  And isn’t it already in our lakes and streams?

My point is it’s a great idea to restrict plants from polluting the environment but I’m not so sure that the increase in limits for other metals is necessary.  By all means, remove the mercury, but don’t increase the amount of radioactive materials I can ingest at the same time!

Here is something that talks about why Iodine is important and I am willing to recognize that it is very important.  I’m willing to agree that iodine is nature’s trick to prevent us from dying of oxidation!  But I’m not willing to accept that any of us can handle any more Strontium 90!  That is just nuts!

Increasing iodine levels-I suppose  even radioactive levels in a chronic way might not be so dangerous.  If iodine is what our bodies are looking for and if we accept things like bromine and fluorine in place of iodine then perhaps we could use an atmosphere that had a little more iodine in it-but I’m still  having trouble digesting the fact that the EPA thinks we can  handle more radioactive iodine.  Iodine it turns out, displaces Strontium 90.  Read this:

Doctors involved with Chernobyl nuclear plant catastrophe in 1989 used kelp for detoxification and thyroid gland rehabilitation, Modifilan helped thousands of nuclear plant workers and people in the area who were affected by the explosion because the iodine is protective against Strontium 90 and other toxicities.

The most important nutrient provided by kelp is iodine. Seaweed is noted for its ability to bind heavy metals and radioactive pollutants. Dr. Yukio Tanaka of the Gastrointestinal Research Lab at McGill University demonstrated that kelp may inhibit the absorption of lead, cadmium, and radioactive strontium (one of the most hazardous pollutants). 80 to 90 percent of radioisotopes of Strontium 90 could be removed from the intestinal tract in the presence of seaweed. Iodine and the sodium alginates found in seaweed are the specific agents that do the chelation. So much Strontium 90 has been released by nuclear explosions, power plants, and nuclear weapons facilities that it is believed that every person has detectable levels in their bone tissue.  Many cancers are attributable to this contamination.

Some doctors see cancer tumors having characteristics very similar to yeasts. “Seaweeds (iodine) have exceptional value in the treatment of candida overgrowth. They contain selenium and (all the) other minerals necessary for rebuilding immunity; furthermore the rich iodine content is used by enzymes in the body to produce iodine-charged free radicals which deactivate yeasts. Before the advent of anti-fungal drugs, iodine was the standard medical treatment for yeasts. When candidiasis is complicated with tumours or cancers, then seaweed is of additional benefit. Salt should normally be restricted during candida overgrowth”.[xxxiii]


But my god, all of this is theoretical!  The numbers of people who have  serious thyroid problems isn’t equal to the number of people the CDC says should be keeling over because of mercury poisoning!

I have a headache.  I’m going to go eat some kelp!


EPA Also Wants You To Know They Care About YOU!

Here is  an article that presents the EPA’s point of view in regard to the new regulations.  It doesn’t seem like they talked about radiation much at all.

State legislators and community activists staged a public-health and clean-air roundtable discussion Thursday night at Lower Merion High School.

The discussion centered on proposed new standards by the Environmental Protection Agency on mercury and air toxics. The aim of the new standards is to reduce toxins released from power plants.

EPA officials say the new standards would require power plants to install pollution-control technologies to cut emissions of mercury, arsenic, chromium, nickel and acid gases.

“Today the EPA proposed the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, the first-ever national standards for reducing mercury and other toxic air pollutants from power plants,” EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson recently announced.

Thursday night’s meeting at Lower Merion was meant to inform the public about the new standards, which will come up for national public comment in the coming months.

Adam Garber, the PennEnvironment field director who led Lower Merion’s discussion, said the proposed EPA rule would cut mercury pollution by 90 percent from power plants and other industrial sources.

Power plants in Pennsylvania are the second largest source of mercury pollution in the entire country when it comes to power plants, right behind our friends in Texas,” Garber told the few dozen people in attendance.

Mercury is a neurotoxin that creates developmental disorders, he explained.

Garber and other speakers opined that in the coming months power-company officials will start lobbying the public against the new rules. One of the arguments he said the industry would use to counter clean-air and water laws is that it would cost businesses more money and jobs.

“There are two reasons this is just a bad argument,” Garber said.

He said the rules would save 17,000 lives and benefit countless others who have trouble breathing every day.

“Now to me 17,000 lives is worth quite a lot and I think we should be saving those lives. They could figure out other solutions for our economy like clean energy,” Garber said.

Garber went on to cite a second reason: the Clean Air Act is the most money-saving environmental law in the nation’s history.

“Recent estimates show that it had a 30-to-1 cost-savings benefit when you look at the cost to the industry compared to the health-benefits savings and other savings in the Clean Air Act,” Garber said. “It’s actually responsible for trillions of dollars in savings when it comes to these over the last few decades.”

An EPA press release also says the new rules are designed to prevent 11,000 heart attacks a year. They would also provide particular health benefits for children, preventing 120,000 cases of childhood asthma and about 11,000 cases of acute bronchitis among children each year. It says the proposed standards would also avert more than 12,000 emergency-room visits and hospital admissions and mean 850,000 fewer days of work missed due to illness.

EPA officials added that the new standards will create jobs.

“These standards will also support 31,000 short-term construction jobs and 9,000 long-term utility jobs,” Jackson said.

Walter Tsou, with Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility, said over the past 20 years the discussion on pollution from the power plants has been continuing while more pollution has been dumped into the air.

“Right now we’ve been spilling an estimated 386,000 tons of this coal-fired smoke into the air,” said Tsou. “There are no regulations as to how much smoke can be emitted from these power plants as things stand and we’ve been living like this for some 20-some years.”

The proposed regulation by the EPA is the outgrowth of that lack of regulation, Tsou said.

“Finally we are getting the opportunity to fight back,” Tsou said.

According to Tsou, the status quo must change.

We can’t continue to breathe toxic air like we are right now and basically give our water supply, our food supply, the air that we breathe the 368,000 tons of pollutants that we do every year,” he said.

Tsou said he expects over the next few months that the energy interests will begin heavily advertising to block the new rules.

“I speak today to urge you to resist and tell your friends to resist the onslaught of advertising that will be coming up over the next few months on this issue as they try and finalize this rule,” Tsou said.

Thursday night’s forum was co-sponsored by the Lower Merion Green Council and PennEnvironment and featured legislators, environmentalists and health experts.

Mary Pat Tanz, a respiratory therapist, spoke on the effects that smoke and pollution has on the population.

“One of the things I have come across over the years is in the summer time when the ozone is high and the smog alerts are out, when you go into work at 3 o’clock and you draw the short straw, you have the emergency room and you are going to be busy,” she said. “And you have to be on your game that day because people come in sick with COPD, emphysema, and children with asthma and they are sicker.”

Garber said across Pennsylvania 1.5 million people have asthma, including 260,000 in the Sixth Congressional District.

According to Garber, the new EPA rules will be published in the federal register and after that there will be a 60-day public-comment period: citizens can write into the EPA to add their comments. Through a time and place have not yet been set, there will also be a public meeting in Philadelphia to solicit input on the rule change.


EPA Says You Can Take a LOT More Radiation!

When you say EPA you just think about the fact that it is a government organization but when you say the actual words it has a comforting quality to it- Environmental Protection Agency…doesn’t it sound nice?

Well, it isn’t!  I can’t figure out what they think they are doing over there, but there is apparently someone pushing for more lax regulations when it comes to nuclear cleanups!  And whoever is putting together their new policy is also suggesting that humans can take a lot more radioactive material in their systems before anyone has to worry about it!

I’d like to know where they got these numbers from.  The other day I was telling you what some of the statistics are on hormesis which is the idea that some poisons can actually enhance health- but there wasn’t any indication at least in anything easily found online that said that certain radioactive elements were good for people!

Here is an article by Ann Paine from the Tennessean.  It’s crazy making!

The EPA is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, food and soil after “radiological incidents,” according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

What is termed a guidance that EPA is considering – as opposed to a regulation – does not require public airing before it’s decided upon.

EPA officials contacted today in the Atlanta and D.C. offices had no response on the issue as of 6 p.m.

The radiation guides called Protective Action Guides or PAGs are protocols for responding to radiological events ranging from nuclear power-plant accidents to dirty bombs.

Drinking water, for example, would have a huge increase in allowable public exposure to radioactivity, the group says, that would include:

A nearly 1000-fold increase in strontium-90

A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for iodine-131

An almost 25,000 rise for nickel-63

The new radiation guidance would also allow long-term cleanup standards thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted, permitting doses to the public that EPA itself estimates would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person exposed, the group says.

These relaxed standards are opposed by public health professionals inside EPA, according to documents PEER said it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

PEER is a national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals


Good Bye Matthew

Another young person has died in an auto accident.  It’s horrible.  We have to work harder to help our young people!

I am so sorry to post this, but I feel I have to!  I hope that the family can find some sense of peace and I hope that Matthew’s friends find a way to cope with the grief that must be gnawing at them right now.

The coroner has identified a young man who died after his car crashed early Tuesday morning.Matthew Barber was driving on Chestnut Grove Road, near Autumn View Lane, in Upper Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County when his car went off the road, traveled down an embankment, and struck a tree, police said.Barber, 18, was rushed to the hospital, but the coroner said he died a short time later.Police said no one else was in Barber’s car and no other vehicles were involved in the accident.A spokesperson for the Boyertown School District confirmed that Barber graduated from the senior high school last June.A small memorial of flowers and handwritten notes began to appear at the scene of the accident on Wednesday.

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Remote Viewing

Have you ever heard of remote viewing?  It’s sort of freaky whoo whoo stuff.  The idea is that you can visualize events or images that are “at a distance”.  In other words remote viewing supposedly allows you to see things you can’t see!

Well, I’ve got to tell you I tried it.  There is a site created by a man named Lyn Buchanan where he teaches people to do this kind of remote viewing.  I’m sure it is a money making concern and I’m not going to fault the guy for making a living by teaching  people a unique system- but come on, does something like that really work?  It’s easy to see other people saying it works, but can anyone do it?  I wondered if someone like me could do it?

Anyhow, there are lots of images with dates on the site.  Map locations are given and you can probably get more information if you click on buttons on the site, but you are supposed to visualize what photos the creators of the site chose to attach on each day listed.  That is all the page I was at contained- dates and map data.

I started to concentrate!  A couple of minutes into my concentration session I realized I had to use the bathroom.  When I settled down again I started concentrating and I noticed that a small light next to my computer was annoying me even with my eyes closed so I opened them and shut the light off and sighed.  Things weren’t going according to plan.  I began to wonder if I even knew how to concentrate! A few minutes later I noticed that I could almost see my iris which I imagined was the result of that annoying light boring it’s way through my eyelids.  I figured I was ready to actually view something… so I waited a little impatiently I must admit, but I was trying it!

The first image I imagined seeing was no where near the actual image!  The second image I pretended to view was also about as far off the actual image as a person could get.  Then a strange thing happened.  I didn’t actually see something- instead I felt something.  I know it is going to sound unbelievable but I got this feeling almost as if it rose up from my diaphragm.  I guess you could say it popped into my awareness.  I guessed at an image  by telling myself that my feeling was a circus with Mexican performers.  When I clicked on the image it was a rodeo.  Another slide made me feel as if I was seeing a window,   then I had the sensation of a sharp thing that seemed to pierce through me, ( no pain of course, just a conception of piercing,  and a train station.  When I clicked on that  it turned out to be  several images of a grand cathedral including  a statue holding a spear and the stained glass windows.  At that point I began to think that I was losing my grip.  Just because the image seemed like Grand central station with a stained glass window and a  marble guy holding a spear didn’t mean my interpretation was accurate!  Did it?

In another case I imagined I saw a typical english gentleman’s club with older men sitting around, rich admirals from a time long gone by….and I felt  struck that one of them should have had a monocle but none of the gentlemen that rose up in my consciousness did-  It turned out that the image was of a round military flying object that the Canadian government was talking about.  It was a round UFO looking thing.   There were Lords discussing the technology!

After a  few minutes of practice I figured I wasn’t doing too well overall.  At least I wouldn’t impress any researchers because honestly, I wasn’t quite spot on with any of my interpretations!   However, the thing that struck me was I wasn’t looking at anything solid!  I was asking my brain to visualize something that was just a bunch of pixels online.  And since some of my gut feelings were at least somewhere in the right ball park I had to wonder if there is something to this concept!

Why did I stop?  Cause it’s hard and even when you feel like you have  successfully dreamed up an image that somehow correlates to the actual image- you can’t know if you are just making it up or not!  I decided what was really happening was I was just sitting in front of my computer imagining things with no purpose and that flustered me.  I feel like I should try again and I probably will.  I felt a little crazy!  All that I’m left with from my game is a sense  that if humans can remote view then it must take a lot of practice to understand what the images that float into view mean.  I’m going to say that  my interpretation of what I see is based on my own life experience and therefore what I view isn’t necessarily directly related to what the images are made up of.

I guess that was something worth learning!  I have a stronger impression this afternoon than I had this morning that what I see is  intimately tied  to my life experience!

Which makes me think more of us would be engaged in really interesting things if we had never heard in our lifetimes  ” you are so full of _____!”




I Want a Putzmeister!

Here is an announcement about the concrete pumper that is being used over in Japan to cool the fuel at the nuclear reactor.  This baby as you can read, was being sent to another customer in South Asia until this disaster happened and then Fukushima apparently really needed it badly so they sent it there.  Also, for those of you who don’t get to read the fine print- this type of  machine was used in Chernobyl to entomb the plant in concrete.

It sounds like Japan has outfitted the arm with a camera so that engineers can view the results.  Here is Putzmeister’s news release:

Picture 1627-2: Putzmeister M58-5 uses water to cool Unit 4 (Source: TEPCO)For over 50 years, Putzmeister has been building truck-mounted concrete pumps. They are designed for use in the widest range of concrete applications, such as the construction of bridges or high-rise buildings.

A truck-mounted concrete pump consists of a truck, a support device, a piston pump and a boom with 4 to 6 arm hinges. Putzmeister offers booms with vertical reaches of between 20 m and 70 m. And with the M70, Putzmeister offers the longest boom that is in use in the world.

At the reactor in Fukushima, workers are currently using a M58-5 truck-mounted concrete pump (produced in Aichtal near Stuttgart) that has a vertical reach of 58 m and a 5-arm boom in order to support the cooling of the damaged cooling pools. The advantage of this is that cooling water can be fed a great distance over the destroyed buildings and can be fed to exactly where it is required.


The pump has an output of 160 m³/h at a pressure of 85 bar and is driven by the truck’s diesel engine. This means that it does not have to rely on any external power supply. The machine is operated using remote control which allows the distributor arm to have flexible movement.The Putzmeister M58-5 that is being used in Fukushima was intended for a customer in South-East Asia and was redirected to Japan so that it could quickly reach the nuclear power plant.

Picture 1627-1: An example of a Putzmeister M58-5 being used for high-rise concreting. The concrete is fed through a truck mixer

Picture 1627-4: Putzmeister M46-5 truck-mounted concrete pump being used to extinguish a fire in SigmaringenPutzmeister products have already been used in previous crisis situations. As a result of this, in 1986, a fire-extinguishing kit was offered as a retrofit on truck-mounted concrete pumps.

Since then, Putzmeister concrete pumps have continued to prove their effectiveness, even outside of their original purpose, when crises have occurred.


Picture 1627-3: Putzmeister brochure from 1986



Picture 1627-6: Radiation protection: A truck-mounted concrete pump that is fitted with a lead cover is used in ChernobylIn 1986, after the tragic accident at Chernobyl, Putzmeister helped to make reactor block 4 safe again at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In total, 11 Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps and stationary pumps were used.


Picture 1627-5: 5 Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps fill the steel moulds (arranged in a pyramid shape) for the new protective walls

Press information no: 1627, date: 22 March 2011

Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH
Max-Eyth-Str. 10
D-72631 Aichtal, Germany
Tel.: +49 7127 599-0
Fax: +49 7127 599-140

marketing@pmw.de marketing [at] pmw.de


Radiation Improves Health :)

Okay, I’m wading into this theory very carefully!  I don’t want to offer false comfort just as much as I don’t want to frighten anyone about the risks of nuclear contamination so I’m going to try to share what I’ve been reading in regard to radiation improving health.

First- that isn’t exactly what scientists are saying.  So the next time someone tells you that radiation is good for you tell them to shut up.  What scientists are saying, if I’m getting it straight is that there is a process called “hormesis”.  That word is a greek word that means “excite”.  In other words when we ingest, or absorb something- even something that is a poison, our bodies overcompensate to restore what physicians call homeostasis.  Your body tries to maintain itself as best as it can.  Okay, so two new words, homeostasis refers to bodies compensating for damage, and hormesis which means bodies compensating so much that they reach a new healthier state.

One article I read said it’s sort of like what Frederich Nietsche said ” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Unfortunately there are a couple of problems with hormesis.  One is that the dose load is very variable.  What might be stimulating for one person  could be quite toxic for another.  That is why I’m saying tell the next person who says nuclear radiation is good for you that they are  an idiot!  While a small amount of low dose radiation might be helpful in killing already existing cancers or killing cells that have structural problems- you can’t just radiate people and assume automatically that they’ll be fine without DNA problems and that they won’t get cancer in the future.

Another point is that hormesis isn’t just about nuclear radiation.  It is a proposed biological function that can be seen with lots of things that we’d imagine were poisonous.  Some folks say hormesis goes back to the 16th century Swiss German pharmacologist Paracelsus who said “All things are poison and nothing is without poison.  It is the dose that makes a thing poison.”

So why aren’t you hearing that a little bit of radiation might make you stronger?  There is a good reason for that! We live in a radioactive environment!  And so it is very difficult to determine how much each person might need before they get to their toxic load.  We aren’t dealing with hothouse tomatoes here.  We are dealing with people that have very different exposures, thus they have different low level limits.

So perhaps there are beneficial biologic effects of low level exposure to radiation.  Perhaps we can prove that small doses of “poisons” can have a stimulating and protective effect on cellular function- perhaps it does stimulate immune system defenses and perhaps it does prevent oxidative damage and perhaps it does suppress cancers- small doses of poison can also build up in the system and kill people!

If only that wasn’t true then perhaps we could say that chronic radiation is an effective prophylaxis against cancer….but remember what gets stimulated might be cancer cells!  Biology doesn’t always care about individuals the way we do.

Just think about it.  Perhaps this will explain why no one is telling you to protect yourself in the US.  Low level radioactivity isn’t going to kill you… they think 🙂