Join A Yoga Team to Fight Breast Cancer!

I’m posting this for a friend.  She asked me to ask you to look and since I know she is a dedicated and beautiful young woman who really inspires others to be fit and to feel at peace with themselves and the world I knew I wanted to share it.   Here it is.   I hope you’ll take a moment to read about Barbara’s “Dream Team”-
Last year I attended an event on the steps of the Art Museum in Philadelphia called Yoga on the Steps sponsored by Living beyond Breast Cancer.  Over 1,000 yogis did yoga on the steps to raise awareness and funds for education and support for women and families affected by breast cancer.  The event was powerful and one that changed me.  Last year I knew right away that I wanted to create a ‘team’ as many other yoga studios in the Philadelphia area do.
This year’s event is on Sunday May 15th and I hope to share the experience with you.
Working with two friends and some other local yoga teachers we’ve created a team called
Tri-County for a Cure.  The hope is to unite local yoga studios and yoga enthusiasts for one cause.  Joining the team is easy.  Click on the link and then click Join our Team. Fill out some personal info and that is it!  You are registered.  You can recruit friends and family to donate to you on line.  All individual funds will go toward our team goal.  There is NO minimum fund raising number. If you are not comfortable asking friends and family, that’s OK!  You can still be part of the team.
We will also do some group Karma classes where all proceeds of the yoga class will go toward the team goal
Each and every one of us has been touched by someone directly or indirectly by this disease.   Please consider joining Tri-County for a Cure.  To read about my experience last year click on my blog.   To join the FB page click here and to register click here.

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