Remote Viewing

Have you ever heard of remote viewing?  It’s sort of freaky whoo whoo stuff.  The idea is that you can visualize events or images that are “at a distance”.  In other words remote viewing supposedly allows you to see things you can’t see!

Well, I’ve got to tell you I tried it.  There is a site created by a man named Lyn Buchanan where he teaches people to do this kind of remote viewing.  I’m sure it is a money making concern and I’m not going to fault the guy for making a living by teaching  people a unique system- but come on, does something like that really work?  It’s easy to see other people saying it works, but can anyone do it?  I wondered if someone like me could do it?

Anyhow, there are lots of images with dates on the site.  Map locations are given and you can probably get more information if you click on buttons on the site, but you are supposed to visualize what photos the creators of the site chose to attach on each day listed.  That is all the page I was at contained- dates and map data.

I started to concentrate!  A couple of minutes into my concentration session I realized I had to use the bathroom.  When I settled down again I started concentrating and I noticed that a small light next to my computer was annoying me even with my eyes closed so I opened them and shut the light off and sighed.  Things weren’t going according to plan.  I began to wonder if I even knew how to concentrate! A few minutes later I noticed that I could almost see my iris which I imagined was the result of that annoying light boring it’s way through my eyelids.  I figured I was ready to actually view something… so I waited a little impatiently I must admit, but I was trying it!

The first image I imagined seeing was no where near the actual image!  The second image I pretended to view was also about as far off the actual image as a person could get.  Then a strange thing happened.  I didn’t actually see something- instead I felt something.  I know it is going to sound unbelievable but I got this feeling almost as if it rose up from my diaphragm.  I guess you could say it popped into my awareness.  I guessed at an image  by telling myself that my feeling was a circus with Mexican performers.  When I clicked on the image it was a rodeo.  Another slide made me feel as if I was seeing a window,   then I had the sensation of a sharp thing that seemed to pierce through me, ( no pain of course, just a conception of piercing,  and a train station.  When I clicked on that  it turned out to be  several images of a grand cathedral including  a statue holding a spear and the stained glass windows.  At that point I began to think that I was losing my grip.  Just because the image seemed like Grand central station with a stained glass window and a  marble guy holding a spear didn’t mean my interpretation was accurate!  Did it?

In another case I imagined I saw a typical english gentleman’s club with older men sitting around, rich admirals from a time long gone by….and I felt  struck that one of them should have had a monocle but none of the gentlemen that rose up in my consciousness did-  It turned out that the image was of a round military flying object that the Canadian government was talking about.  It was a round UFO looking thing.   There were Lords discussing the technology!

After a  few minutes of practice I figured I wasn’t doing too well overall.  At least I wouldn’t impress any researchers because honestly, I wasn’t quite spot on with any of my interpretations!   However, the thing that struck me was I wasn’t looking at anything solid!  I was asking my brain to visualize something that was just a bunch of pixels online.  And since some of my gut feelings were at least somewhere in the right ball park I had to wonder if there is something to this concept!

Why did I stop?  Cause it’s hard and even when you feel like you have  successfully dreamed up an image that somehow correlates to the actual image- you can’t know if you are just making it up or not!  I decided what was really happening was I was just sitting in front of my computer imagining things with no purpose and that flustered me.  I feel like I should try again and I probably will.  I felt a little crazy!  All that I’m left with from my game is a sense  that if humans can remote view then it must take a lot of practice to understand what the images that float into view mean.  I’m going to say that  my interpretation of what I see is based on my own life experience and therefore what I view isn’t necessarily directly related to what the images are made up of.

I guess that was something worth learning!  I have a stronger impression this afternoon than I had this morning that what I see is  intimately tied  to my life experience!

Which makes me think more of us would be engaged in really interesting things if we had never heard in our lifetimes  ” you are so full of _____!”



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