Happy May 1st, Ahead of Time!

If this was 1886 we’d be celebrating May 1st with a huge strike.  Back then Americans were a little proud of being “socialists”.  They thought that it was time for workers to get some “rights”.  One of those rights that they decided was worth striking for on May 1st was an 8 hour work day.  Crazy folks!

If it was  1955 we might have been worried about societies that went over the line when it came to socialistic tendencies- The Soviet Union was really big on worker’s rights and their comrades took advantage of May Day to celebrate workers.  Crazy folks!

The Catholic Church instituted a Feast Day for St. Joseph the Worker.  He has another special day that honors his being the Foster Father of Jesus, but he was also known as a carpenter and that makes him the man we turn to in prayer when we are having work troubles- at least if we are Catholic!  ( If I say Crazy folks here intentionally I’ll get struck  by lightning ) 🙂

Today over at WPAZ FAther Maloney from St. Aloysius gave everyone listening in the tri-county area a blessing as workers.  It was  a pretty cool experience.  I’m sure if you missed Brian’s program over at the station you can call St. Al’s yourself.   Tell Father Maloney you heard it on Mo’s blog about Brian’s program over at WPAZ.

Phew!  A lot is going on on  May 1st.  You can choose to go on strike?  You can dance the Morris dance around a May pole decorated with vines and flowers, you can bring your blooms to Mary which reminds me of anothervery Catholic  May Day story that I’ll share with you another time,  or you can just enjoy your Sunday!

Thanks again to Father Maloney for sharing a blessing with all of Pottstown!

I think that means we are safe from the devil! 🙂




Tomorrow Night the Devil Comes Back!

Don’t take my word for it, go check  out the story of Walburga- or Walpurgia.  She was helping St. Boniface in  bringing Christianity to Germany.  She  has a special day on May 1st, but the night before it was said that Satan, aka the Devil, tried to get her by going after her eartly remains.    She comes down  in history to us as a  Saint, so we can assume that our old friend the devil  was out of luck. once again.

You may have heard of Walpurgis Night, or Walpurgisnacht.  It was written about in Goethe’s Faust and it left a lot of our ancestors fearing that the devil was going to come get them!  Imagine crypts and dead women and evil embodiments.  Hey, that still sounds pretty creepy doesn’t it?

Here is a tune by a band you might remember.  They are  doing their instrumental “Repent Walpurgis”  Why did they call it that?  Cause it was creepy and serious and heavy and..well just listen.

next post we’ll talk about another holiday celebrated May 1st.




Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up

Tomorrow is the big day!  You too can take part in a local clean up in Pottstown and help make our town sparkle for Spring.  Here is some of the information about the event which may not be connected to the GAC or Great American Clean up but is happening concurrently which means that while you’ll be out sweeping Franklin or Roland Street someone somewhere else in the US is out sweeping a street in their community.

Here is some important info from Evan Brandt over at the Mercury:

 It’s time for the borough-wide spring cleaning.

Saturday, April 30, from 8 a.m. until noon, an army (hopefully) of volunteers will fan out across the borough and pick up litter that has collected along the streets.

Borough council Vice President Mark Gibson announced the cleanup during a council meeting and said two Dumpsters will be set up — one at borough hall and the other at the Empire Fire Company, at the corner of Chestnut and Franklin streets



PS Watch out for MRSA and Rock Snot 🙂


Penn State Finds MRSA Clue

From Rock Snot to MRSA or methyl resistant staphlococcus aureus- today is a tough news day!  But I am pleased that a Penn State researcher has discovered one of the reasons it’s so hard to kill this “bug” that has been showing up in hospitals and now is in schools and offices.  Apparently it has a different system of handling it’s “protein factory”.  And that difference has made it heartier than most other infection producing bugs that doctors have dealt with.  There aren’t sure solutions yet, but there is a path to follow in hunting for new fixes.  That is a good thing!

Here is a bit of an article from the Daily Mail about MRSA-

found that it passed from Staphylococcus sciuri, which normally only infects animals, to the human bug Staphylococcus aureus.

Staphylococcus aureus commonly lives in the nose and on the skin without causing harm. But it can be highly dangerous when it mutates into its resistant cousin MRSA.

The new research is published today in the journal Science.

Lead scientist Dr Squire Booker, from Pennsylvania State University in the United States, said: ‘What we’ve discovered here is so exciting because it represents a truly new chemical mechanism for methylation.

‘We now have a very clear chemical picture of a very clever mechanism for antibiotic resistance that some bacteria have evolved.

‘Because we know the specific mechanism

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1381642/MRSA-bugs-resistance-antibiotics-cracked-scientists.html#ixzz1KuWfX1JT


Rock Snot And You

Post-bloom Didymosphenia geminata on a rock from the Kananaskis River.Post-bloom Didymosphenia geminata on a rock from the Kananaskis River. (Andrea Kirkwood)

I just read that Maryland is banning felt soled waders that fisherman use to stay upright in their favorite fishing spots.  For a second I enjoyed the images that flashed through my head of fishermen going down while reeling in the “big ones”.  But then I got serious and I wondered why it was such a great idea to ban an item of clothing because of something called didymo?

Well, it turns out didymo isnt the real name, it’s a cute name for a disgusting rock snot that looks like a handful of something that blew out of a deep oil well in the Gulf.  It’s made of diatoms and they link together in colonies and stick to the rocks and felt soled waders in small streams. Rocks can’t move from stream to stream or river to river, but waders and boats, and bait and anglers can.

I’m going to go bleach myself- make no mistake- I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a ten foot pole, but just seeing it has made me feel icky.

If you fish in PA clean everything with bleach or hot water or detergent- and think about fishing in the buff 🙂  It is easier to clean diatoms off of you than it is to clean it off everything else!  Of course I’m being silly here.  Don’t dare go fishing in the flesh and tell anyone I told you to!


m o


Pa’s Gun Laws Might Need an Overhaul

I just had the dickens of a time trying to figure out why Senator Bob Mensch was cited for disorderly conduct for showing what I’m assuming was a “concealed weapon” as he drove in his car.  I’m going to continue looking for my own information, but what I’m finding is a little disturbing.

First- Gun laws are different across the nation.  In some states there are virtually no laws.  In others you just better not have a gun! 

Second- “Concealed carry laws” are kind of suspect to me- I mean I get the idea that you don’t want citizens walking around with uzi’s strapped to their chests but wearing a gun in a holster, or having it in your briefcase or handbag should be okay but that is another one of those issues that states decide- as a matter of fact, in s ome states private businesses can decide- that seems strange to me and I’d like to see it addressed.

Third- Why would a Senator worry about being chased at around 5 pm on a major highway?  He was going over the limit and he slowed down and drove till he was close to running out of gas and when he entered the gas station, he says the “other driver” followed him.  How odd.

Fourth- May 10th is the weekend that a lot of gun owners will be fighting for their Second Amendment rights.  Do you think it’s coincidental that Senator Mensch who is a fan of the Castle Doctrine, orthe right to protect oneself with a weapon on one’s own property gets a citation about carrying a weapon?

I think pe.rhaps we do need to make these laws about American’s rights to carry weapons ( and to use them to protect themselves and their families and property).  It seems odd that you can’t put a gun down in your car, and yet you can strap a weapon to your chest and walk around.  Actually, it is apparently legal to walk around with your gun exposed and loaded- you just c an’t get into a car with it.  Also police are going to want to talk to you if you are flouncing around with an exposed weapon.

The laws need an update!  What do you think?




I Like TJ’s Opinion!

Have a look at this eloquent defense of music and art in Boyertown.  It comes from a former student and someone I think you’ll be able to see has gained a lot from those “extras” in his education.  It’s a great letter and I’m glad he took the time to send it even though Boyertown is going to start slicing out the programs because they decided that Scenario One was their best option for moving forward.  Check out the letter here-