Pa’s Gun Laws Might Need an Overhaul

I just had the dickens of a time trying to figure out why Senator Bob Mensch was cited for disorderly conduct for showing what I’m assuming was a “concealed weapon” as he drove in his car.  I’m going to continue looking for my own information, but what I’m finding is a little disturbing.

First- Gun laws are different across the nation.  In some states there are virtually no laws.  In others you just better not have a gun! 

Second- “Concealed carry laws” are kind of suspect to me- I mean I get the idea that you don’t want citizens walking around with uzi’s strapped to their chests but wearing a gun in a holster, or having it in your briefcase or handbag should be okay but that is another one of those issues that states decide- as a matter of fact, in s ome states private businesses can decide- that seems strange to me and I’d like to see it addressed.

Third- Why would a Senator worry about being chased at around 5 pm on a major highway?  He was going over the limit and he slowed down and drove till he was close to running out of gas and when he entered the gas station, he says the “other driver” followed him.  How odd.

Fourth- May 10th is the weekend that a lot of gun owners will be fighting for their Second Amendment rights.  Do you think it’s coincidental that Senator Mensch who is a fan of the Castle Doctrine, orthe right to protect oneself with a weapon on one’s own property gets a citation about carrying a weapon?

I think pe.rhaps we do need to make these laws about American’s rights to carry weapons ( and to use them to protect themselves and their families and property).  It seems odd that you can’t put a gun down in your car, and yet you can strap a weapon to your chest and walk around.  Actually, it is apparently legal to walk around with your gun exposed and loaded- you just c an’t get into a car with it.  Also police are going to want to talk to you if you are flouncing around with an exposed weapon.

The laws need an update!  What do you think?



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