Happy May 1st, Ahead of Time!

If this was 1886 we’d be celebrating May 1st with a huge strike.  Back then Americans were a little proud of being “socialists”.  They thought that it was time for workers to get some “rights”.  One of those rights that they decided was worth striking for on May 1st was an 8 hour work day.  Crazy folks!

If it was  1955 we might have been worried about societies that went over the line when it came to socialistic tendencies- The Soviet Union was really big on worker’s rights and their comrades took advantage of May Day to celebrate workers.  Crazy folks!

The Catholic Church instituted a Feast Day for St. Joseph the Worker.  He has another special day that honors his being the Foster Father of Jesus, but he was also known as a carpenter and that makes him the man we turn to in prayer when we are having work troubles- at least if we are Catholic!  ( If I say Crazy folks here intentionally I’ll get struck  by lightning ) 🙂

Today over at WPAZ FAther Maloney from St. Aloysius gave everyone listening in the tri-county area a blessing as workers.  It was  a pretty cool experience.  I’m sure if you missed Brian’s program over at the station you can call St. Al’s yourself.   Tell Father Maloney you heard it on Mo’s blog about Brian’s program over at WPAZ.

Phew!  A lot is going on on  May 1st.  You can choose to go on strike?  You can dance the Morris dance around a May pole decorated with vines and flowers, you can bring your blooms to Mary which reminds me of anothervery Catholic  May Day story that I’ll share with you another time,  or you can just enjoy your Sunday!

Thanks again to Father Maloney for sharing a blessing with all of Pottstown!

I think that means we are safe from the devil! 🙂



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