Rock Snot And You

Post-bloom Didymosphenia geminata on a rock from the Kananaskis River.Post-bloom Didymosphenia geminata on a rock from the Kananaskis River. (Andrea Kirkwood)

I just read that Maryland is banning felt soled waders that fisherman use to stay upright in their favorite fishing spots.  For a second I enjoyed the images that flashed through my head of fishermen going down while reeling in the “big ones”.  But then I got serious and I wondered why it was such a great idea to ban an item of clothing because of something called didymo?

Well, it turns out didymo isnt the real name, it’s a cute name for a disgusting rock snot that looks like a handful of something that blew out of a deep oil well in the Gulf.  It’s made of diatoms and they link together in colonies and stick to the rocks and felt soled waders in small streams. Rocks can’t move from stream to stream or river to river, but waders and boats, and bait and anglers can.

I’m going to go bleach myself- make no mistake- I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a ten foot pole, but just seeing it has made me feel icky.

If you fish in PA clean everything with bleach or hot water or detergent- and think about fishing in the buff 🙂  It is easier to clean diatoms off of you than it is to clean it off everything else!  Of course I’m being silly here.  Don’t dare go fishing in the flesh and tell anyone I told you to!


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