What a Weekend

Osama Bin Laden is no longer alive.  He was taken out in what I think I read was a firefight somewhere in Pakistan.  This would have been tough if he had actually died from kidney failure, or from a tora bora shoot-out in the past, but Obama seems to have wanted to alert the nation that it just happened and he wanted to brief Clinton and Bush on it before he chatted with us. 

I had a couple of concerns…rememb er last week there was going to be a change and  Petraeus was going to the CIA?   It’s odd that the “designer” of the war didn’t leave officially until this OBL business was taken care  of, but since I’m not reading any headlines anywhere that explain why Petraeus is doing anything he’s doing I’ll just hav e to worry alone.

Saturday morning I got to  listen to Trump talk about things like tasxng CHina 25 percent.  He sounded aggressive enough with all those “Mother Fuckers” thrown in.  I don’t know if we need someone like Trump in the  White House, but I guess we don’t even know if he’s officially running yet.

I didn’t get out and about to see if everyone was  cleaning their properties because I was busy cleaning my own and painting it.  My house is now very different and I’m not sure I love the difference, but it’s a distinct change. I’m pretty exhausted though. 

In even more personal news one daugher was away camping at Knoebels all weekend.  She had a great time with some of her friends from Girl Scouts.   Our middle daughter was busy tihinking about Prom next weekend and Owen J. Roberts Spring Play- Get Smart, and our oldest daugter went to a friends wedding shower.  Congrats to Sarah!

I had a wonderful weekend and late last night my famiy played “Philadelphia in a Box” a sort of Monopoly like game that I picked up at a garage sale on Friday in Pottstown.  ( I’ll warn everyone that I’m not very good at board games ) 🙂

I hope you all had a  great weekend too.



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