Flagging Dreams!

Hey, Pottstown!  I have an idea. 

Let’s start making, buying, or borrowing flags that we can attach to our homes! Vehicles! And let’s not forget we should also add flags to our  Businesses!  They are inexpensive and you can change them as the mood hits you.  They can be serious, or lighthearted.  Flags represent how people feel.  Let’s show everyone how we are feeling in Pottstown!

We have a flag making factory in Pottstown!  We have another  empty warehouse that made flags and string over on Shoemaker Road!  I think we can make, or share flags!  And then we’d have a focus!  I know it sounds silly, but you have to start somewhere.

Social capital won’t improve our town,but if we were able to physically display that we were all committed to change in Pottstown and we were doing it one property at a time- then that might be enough to draw investors in who had the wherewithal to make the changes we need to our “physical capital”.

Does anyone have any better ideas?  Send them here!




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