People Viewed Tepco’s Live Fukushima Camera!

Didn’t I warn you folks against downloading the live images?  It wasn’t because I was trying to trick you! I thought it was such a good idea to see the live feed that I downloaded the image myself and coincidentally I  also came down with a nasty virus that has pretty much disabled my computer.  Please note, just because something is coincidental doesn’t mean it it causal!  That is fancy talk for I have no idea how I stumbled onto a virus…I’m not blaming anyone!  All I know is I have to pray that the Antivirus Gods can fix my baby- or I have to buy a new baby!  But back to the Tepco images- I haven’t heard back from any of the folks that saw my post, who I hope  noticed my warning- that doesn’t mean that they were safe and that the Tepco site is safe.  It just  isn’t likely that Tepco  is the cause of my computer infection, but I felt I had to do my duty to let people know I had developed a problem and I was concerned.

But I see that more than a few of you ( despite my advice)  went to check out the streaming video.   I haven’t heard anything back from those folks confirming or denying that they picked up a virus.  So maybe it’s safe?!  But then again, maybe they got knocked offline too and they’ll get back to me later!

I have no clue and I’m not going back there till I get my system checked out.  But if someone else goes and they can make it back here, please let us know what happened to you okay?

Now I have to figure out how I’m going to know whether or not I can trust the people who say they went and came back?  Computer trickery stinks!



I’m borrowing another system!  That is how I’m able to type this! 🙂


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