In A Democracy Things Should be Forthcoming and Direct!

I read that statement somewhere….I think it was something a school board member said when he was chastising the Superintendent for doing things behind the board’s back.  But then let’s be fair…the Superintendent in this case was talking with some of the following people-

Jefferey Piccola

Andrew Dinniman

John Rafferty

Thomas Quigley

And on a local level:

Mr. Huss

Mr. Wausnock

Mr. Sparagano


Check out some of those names, and then ask yourself if Lindley was behaving in a Democratic fashion by acting in secret?   And if you decide he was acting in secret and he was behaving in a way that was unworthy of a responsible leader then  don’t you have to agree that all those other folks were too?





Pottstown A Poster Child For Charter Schools in PA?

First I want you to read this article in the local Mercury-


Now I want you to read what I wrote about Reed Lindley in the past.  I said it seems to me that he’s a bureaucrat that wants to do a good job in this District because he seems to believe that he can do more in a small district than an administrator in a bigger school district.  I don’t think he’s doing anything he’s doing to hurt Pottstown and I’m pretty sure he wants to improve the quality of education for students in Pottstown.

Once again I want to stress that the conversations about fixing funding for schools like Pottstown started way back in 2009.  We can’t blame Corbett for this, because Rendell was involved in it as well.  We can’t blame Gureghian because as I said, a local legislator suggested that it would be easier for a charter school to avoid having to deal with state mandates.  The charter school idea is not new to PA and it isn’t new to Pottstown.  The only thing that is new is that we have a person who already is running a charter school in a PA district who had the audacity to say publicly that he’d like to come into Pottstown and take over all the schools. 

Despite what you might take away from Evan’s article in the Mercury, it would be quite a jump to imagine that anyone wants to turn Pottstown into a Poster child for Charter Schools in PA.  Yes so far, there hasn’t been a situation in which an entire district was turned over to a charter….however, we have seen other institutions that were publicly run move into private ownership and there have been some apparent cost savings.  Whether these savings stand up over time is another story entirely, but when no one can say what future costs might be if we turn over a public institution- then we have been known to choose immediate cost savings over long term expenses. 

Personally I think it’s a stupid idea to sell organizations that have prevously been public institutions , but then a lot of my ideas probably lean more towards socialism than capitalism.   I sort of think that some organizations are better handled by caring, committed local boards than folks that want to sell something for whatever the market will bear- but it isn’t up to me!  And it isn’t up to Reed Lindley and it isn’t up to Thomas Hylton, and it isn’t up to Piccola, or Quigley, or Rendell, or Corbett.  Ultimately the decision to change how Pottstown educates it’s children is up to local voters!

 I don’t think folks realize they need to worry about what is going on with Pottstown schools!  Some problems are just overwhelming!   It isn’t as if you can choose a school leader and then things are all going to be fine.  The leaders don’t even know how to handle the problems.  But it’s not like it’s their fault, there are no easy solutions!  As a matter of fact, right now I don’t think we know all the questions we have to ask in order to arrive at helpful solutions.  That is the mess we’ve got when it comes to education.

My advice is that we all begin to think about this.  We need to ask what our options are.  Really, we need to go back to school to learn how  to handle schools in the 21st century!

What do you think?




Welcome to the cycle!


Limerick Shut Down

Excelon,  the parent company of PECO, says one of its two reactors at the Limerick nuclear power plant has shutdown.

According to the power company, the number two reactor automatically shutdown after an electrical problem in one of the turbines that generates power.

In a news release, the company says there is no risk to the public and no one at the plant was injured by the shutdown.

It says operators are investigating the cause of the shutdown and working to restore the reactor to service.

Exelon says the other reactor at the plant about 21 miles north of Philadelphia continues to operate at full power.



Hot Out There!

Oh my goodness I was hot today!   My family was working on making our own property the kind of place we want to vacation at- cause with prices the way they are this is where we’ll be having our thrills this summer!

We were tackling projects left and right and we did a pretty awesome job if I must say so myself- but what a torture to be out in the boiling heat today.  Every once in a while a cloud would hide the sun and phew, it was nice to catch a breeze, but I’m telling you I was roasting.  When my significant other asked me about cooking burgers on the grill for dinner I said that my internal body temperature had to get way  below 170 degrees before I could seriously begin to consider eating meat broiled outdoors.

He was nice enough to cook this evening!

How about you?  How did you all stay cool today?  I know you aren’t going to answer me!  🙂  Just know I’m worried about you.




Saw Pirates of the Caribbean!

Well, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be.  I don’t know, it’s the beginning of summer- I wanted to imagine I was at the shore, I like Johnny Depp, I even like mermaid stories so I thought I’d love this sequel to the Pirates series.

It was long.  It was a little confusing.  It had too much magic in it for my taste and it featured Depp being a little sophmoric instead of sophisticated.  I mean I know he was a pirate, but he seemed dashing and debonair in the last features.  In this one he was more of a joker.  He was confused a lot.  But then who wouldn’t be in his boots?

I think if you enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean movies then you’ll think this one is a fine flick, but if you aren’t a fancier of that kind of movie then this film will leave you a little bored. 

That is my opinion, if someone else wants to share theirs, then by all means have at it!




I Could Write for the Wall Street Journal! :)

I can’t help but toot my own horn this evening.  I just read an article over at the Wall Street Journal that reminds me of something I had written just last night.  Of course I notice that the WSJ article is a little more sophisticated than my opinion piece was, but at least this article shows that what is going on back here in the Pottstown area is happening all over the US.  Read a bit-

Though the right to free education is now enshrined as an American value, when written into state constitutions, it typically carries a qualifier: Students are entitled to a “suitable” or an “adequate” education on the public dime.

That has long been interpreted expansively. As far back as the 1920s, schools were offering a wide variety of courses designed to serve many aptitudes and interests, Mr. Zimmerman said.

Today, however, educators and lawmakers are wondering if that’s sustainable—or necessary. As the population ages and fewer voters have children in the public schools, some communities are questioning whether an “adequate” education really requires the public to fund a full menu of arts courses, or advanced science classes that may draw just a handful of kids, or a debate club or a gymnastics team.

Seeking to define the extent of taxpayers’ obligation, Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal suggests that “what should be required is more than the 3 Rs, but it is decidedly less than everything school districts choose to offer.”


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Real Life

I’m sure you’ve heard that Disney’s released the new sequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  This time I hear there are mermaids involved!  But did you know that the ship that is featured in the film is a real vessel that is actually off the coast of the Carolinas.

Just off North Carolina the ship lies beneath the ocean and explorers are bringing bits of it up the surface.  The pieces they have gathered so far have been “concretized” or they’ve had this natural efflourescence grow on them from being under the sea for all those years.  X-rays show whether the pieces fished up from the wreck are valuable for museum displays.  And what is really cool is that this weekend they are bringing up one of the ships anchors.

If you want more information on the ship check out youtube under the QAR project, or the Queen Anne’s Revenge Project.  That is the actual name of the Ship that Blackbeard is said to have sailed on.

Now off with ye maties, and have a great summer weekend!