Remember We Talked About Wine Kiosks in Wegmans? Forget it!

It sounds like the wine kiosk idea just didn’t take off like folks hoped it might.  Wegman’s had installed the kiosks in several of their stores and as we all know, location in supermarkets is very valuable so when the store managers had to deal with a high number of complaints and customers just weren’t flocking to the kiosks the chain decided that this wasn’t the time for installing them in their stores.  Here is a bit of an article over at Penn Live-

Wegmans, which has kiosks in 10 stores in the state including the one in Silver Spring Township, has pulled the plug on the automated machines.

In a blunt letter sent to the LCB on May 31, Wegmans explained its decision to end participation in the LCB’s wine vending machine program.

“The most weighty factor in our decision, however, is the significant volume of complaints that our store management is receiving about the kiosks on an ongoing basis,” Wegmans said in the letter.

Wegmans said operational issues with the machines over the holidays, as well as low customer acceptance and lack of sales, led to their decision. The kiosks will be removed from the stores, including those in Allentown and Wilkes-Barre, in about 30 days.

“Unfortunately, the kiosks have not realized their potential, and in some ways have been a detriment to our stores,” the letter said.

LCB spokeswoman Stacey Witalec said when the board launched the pilot program last year it had hoped customers would find the kiosks convenient and the selection to their liking. The agency will continue to listen to what consumers want, she said.

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