Fireworks About To Fizzle in Pottstown?!

It costs 60,000 dollars to put on the annual show over at Memorial Park in Pottstown.  It’s been a wonderful celebration in years past.  We have had a parade and races and hot air balloons and musicians and we’ve had fireworks!

If everyone who came to see any of the events just paid one dollar then the cost of the events would be covered, but no one wants to pay for the excitement. 

Businesses aren’t lining up to finance the event.  Private dollars aren’t pouring in.

Pottstown needs a quick infusion of cash in order to not go into debt with this celebration!

Strangely, despite the doom and gloom with the money- the plan is to go forward and try to make the money up at the event and afterward!

Honestly when you think about it, that makes sense because it’s very likely that all the downpayments have already been made.  The July 4th committee would probably be out of pocket an awful lot of money whether there was an event or not!

So, how can we help?  The Mercury always advertises sponsors names…That doesn’t seem like enough of a perk to get folks to help.

How do we help people get a bang for their buck? 🙂

Great minds?  Think on it and report back to the rest of us!  Stat!



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