New Idea to Fix PA Highways

If we cut out all the paperwork and man hours needed to handle 4 year driver’s licenses and we quit checking vehicles every year and instead check them once every 2 years and we stop worrying about stickers on license plates- then we’ll save millions of dollars annually and that money can go into fixing PA’s crumbling roads!

That is the idea being put forth to Governor Tom Corbett and he’ll be looking at the final ideas at the beginning of August.

The only negative about this plan is things change in 8 years.  Especially if you are getting your first license at 18.  We can expect potential changes in height, weight, hair color, whether a driver needs glasses, health status.  It’s a great idea for cutting out paperwork but I don’t know if it’s a great idea when we are suddenly considering using licenses for voting purposes. 

People will change in 8 years time.  What is the point of creating a personal license anyhow?  We don’t need the ID anymore!  Not when a thumbprint can give anyone all the information they need about us.

But heck, no one asked me!



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