Hoarding for the Apocalypse!

TLC had some crazy shows on last night.  I tuned in to watch “living for the Apocalypse” which was a show about some folks who have devoted their lives to preparing for the end of times.  Some of the families seemed perfectly normal at first glance and then we got invited through the magic of television into their homes where things weren’t exactly “normal”.

Now I’m not going to try to tell anyone that being normal is all it’s cracked up to be.  I admired some of the skills that those worry warts were adopting.  I think it’s smart to be prepared for emergencies- but I do worry about their cult like devotion to the idea that they can somehow stand alone if the world ends in a disaster.  Preparation is good.  Worrying about zombies?  Not so good.

The first family that the show featured was the Layton family from Utah.  Mrs. Peggy Layton seemed like a lovely lady who has a lot of energy and a lot of talent.  She grew up in a community that teaches that people should prepare and the impetus for that preparation is biblical.  It is there that you’ll find advice to prepare yourself as if against a thief in the night.  Or prepare as bridesmaids should by keeping the wick of your lamps trimmed in order to guide a married couple.  Preparation then  is part celebration and part protection based.  But when you see that they have several underground bunkers built into their home and Peggy’s work space and they also have a bug out place in the mountains where they’ll be able to look down on the rest of the world with their weapons and food- well, it’s a little creepy.

Peggy said the difference between hoarding and preparing is organization!

Are you prepared?  Have you really thought about what you and your family needs if there are problems with the weather?  Or problems with the economy? Or problems with food distribution or production networks?  Or God forbid, problems due to man-made disasters?

These people sound a little crazy but maybe they are just exaggerated examples of forward thinkers?!







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