Suspicious Parcel Sends OJR Kids Home

Everything is fine.  The package was just old homework and assorted papers that a former student left behind and a new student removed from their locker.  Pheww!

Earlier when we had no idea of the seriousness  I wrote this….I made a couple of “dirty  guesses’  and in hindsight it’s a little silly.  Should we ease up a bit?  Or should we maintain our vigor in protecting children?  What do you think?


What a world.  Today the high school students at OJR were sent home after a one hour administrative lockdown because a suspicious parcel was found in the gym locker area.

My kids said that the person who planted the suspicious device might have known that Wednesday’s don’t have scheduled gym classes.  Which means that unless someone was in there to do a makeup class which isn’t likely since this is the first days of school, or elective which would make it a smaller group of kids

My girls also mentioned that yesterday at an assembly they were each told different things.  My freshman was  told that there are over a hundred cameras in the school.  14 in the lunchroom so they can tell if the kids make messes and none in the lockers or the bathrooms for obvious reasons.    That was the spiel for the younger grades,

For the juniors and seniors they reminded the students that stealing happened but that it was more hassle than it’s worth because the students at OJR were above it and they mentioned that they shouldn’t bring valuables to school, but if they had them they were to keep them in the main locker or give them to the gym teacher because there weren’t cameras in the locker rooms and they couldn’t prevent thefts as easily. So the older kids got told that there weren’t cameras in the locker areas but it wasn’t as specific.

So someone knew about no cameras in the locker area and no gym classes to worry about. Or they just had a lot of dumb luck.

I’m frustrated that someone would either do something with the intent to harm kids, or that someone would threaten kids even with a “joke” package.

Thanks to Dr. Soeder for handling this awful situation professionally and I’m glad that the teachers and staff at OJR were supportive and considerate of the student’s feelings because the kids had to hear ” This is NOT a drill, there is a potentially dangerous situation that we have under control, this is an administrative lockdown.”

I hope everything gets figured out and I hope that we hear more.



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