Curing Cancer!

A local chiropractor in our area is holding a seminar on how folks can cure their own cancer!

It makes me a little sad because it may well be true that there are some cancerous growths that can be made to go into remission through lifestyle changes- but in all honesty, there are some that may not.  Telling people that they are in control of tumors or of metastasizing cancers seems reckless and unkind to me.  But people will go and they’ll pay their 20 bucks to hear that they can heal themselves.  It’s sad.

I know that we humans have incredible healing powers within ourselves.  I know that stress and inflamation may irritate pre-cancerous wounds.  I know that the acid level of the body may invite rogue cells to proliferate.  I know that environmental conditions might initiate cancerous cell growth.  I know that some oils and some micronutrient rich foods can change the composition of cancers within the body.  In other words I firmly believe that we can make choices that will help and benefit our bodies but that doesn’t mean we can always heal cancerous growths.

Cancer is of course a catchphrase for any illness that is due to damaged cell growth.  Once a link in the chain of DNA breaks and that damaged information is repeated in other cells the disease takes off.  It’s the mass propagation of damaged cells that we call cancer.  Cancer can happen anywhere in the body!  It can grow in bones and tissue and blood.  Some people are born with the cellular information that tends to subject  a body to certain cancers and others are exposed to toxins in their environment that cause inferior or immature cells to multiply and grow or “proliferate” wildly.

At this point I’m afraid we don’t know enough about cancer despite all the money and energy we’ve been pouring into research.  We still don’t understand it as well as we need to.  Cancer is still a puzzle.

Can a chiropractor tell you all you need to know to cure yourself?

Hell, I can’t answer that question!  How do you prove a negative?

I’m just thinking that if anyone is going to charge you 20 bucks to tell you to drink lemon water, or meditate twice a day, or sit with a headset listening to a certain tone of healing herz, or get a certain kind of manipulation….then ask for the proof that their modality is healing people.  Ask them to show you evidence.   Ask what their protocall is.  Because healing isn’t magic- it has been known to be miraculous and of course, that can’t be bought!  But healing isn’t magic.

Speaking of miraculous healing…yesterday was Michaelmas or the feast day of the Archangel Michael.  The three well known archangels are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.  Michael is the chief defender against evil. Gabriel is the Lord’s favorite messenger and Raphael, in the Catholic tradition is the Angel to call on when you need healing.

And now, despite my fear of looking stupid for standing on the rock of faith I’m going to close with a heartfelt prayer…

May God bless and protect you and those you love.  May you find peace and contentment in your life as a child of God.  May the Saints surround you and guide you as you walk through the dark spaces. May Michael defend you from evil.  May Gabriel keep you from false teaching, and may Raphael surround you with healing.   May God’s power shine forth and touch you to nourish you and give you strength so that you may be a beacon to others in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.




Homemade Potato Chips

I made potato chips!

Wanna know how?

I sliced a potato with a potato slicer into really thin slices and I put it into a pot of boiling oil.  Voila’.

Some of the slices turned out just like standard chips.  Some rolled themselves into little bugle shapes and others clumped together so that there was no hope of wresting them apart.  All in all it wasn’t the most successful experiment in the world but I wanted potato chips and I didn’t have any on hand so I did what I had to do to make them.

What is interesting to me is the chips I made were sweeter in flavor than the kind I usually get like Lays or Utz’s.  .  And I just used plain old bagged white potatoes from Redners and olive oil because I ran out of regular vegetable oil.

Just watch out if you try this at home.  Boiling oil is no fun if you get it on your beautiful skin.  BE SAFE.




How Do I Kill Mold If I Can’t Get a Grip?!

Type in “mold” online and you’ll find how many folks have gone into business with the intention of remediation of mold!   Apparently no one has informed them that mold isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Only 20 percent of the mold spores that are out there are dangerous to humans.  Got that?  Imagine a hundred different types of mold and only 2 of them are dangerous.  But we invest lots of money in cleaning up mold don’t we?

We think we can use bleach to clean it up right?


Bleach is like 98 percent water!  When you are drying up a problem area it might not be the best idea in the world to soak it with more water.  Bleach may whiten the area so that we don’t think the  mold is there, but that is like pouring whiteout over an ink stain and insisting that there is no more ink stain.  In both cases the offensive stain is still there.

The government says the only way to kill mold is to blast it with “Quats”, or quaternium ion type antiseptics.  Believe it or not you’ll find a lot of these quats in the products you might already use in the bathroom.  Shampoos, cosmetics, linens.  It’s in things like peroxides.  It’s in things like aspirin.  It’s in mouth cleaners and acne cleaners.  It’s in paint and construction materials.

Now I’m not saying that if you put acne face cleanser on mold it will go away.  First you have to wash off the organic materials! 🙂

I’m just shaking my head at the sheer nonsense of this stuff.  In order for these chemicals to work properly we have to make sure we remove all organic materials?????

Go look up organic material. 🙂






Scared By Mold? GET A GRIP!

There are a lot of local news stories about mold lately.  Schools are being closed because of mold.  Government agencies are being cleaned out entirely because of mold growth.  Mold is taking over!

Okay, now let’s talk about mold.  It’s disgusting.  It smells bad.  It can cause allergic reactions in humans.  It will begin to decay objects that it is growing on or in.  Mold is annoying, but more than that, since it can harm human health it is something we’ve begun to look at quite seriously.

Now let’s talk about what you can do about it if you have it growing inside your home or at your workplace.  Are you doomed?

Of course not!  Mold simply means that there is too much moisture present and moisture is what allows mold spores to take root.  If there is a damp or moist area in your house and you don’t air it out then mold will develop.

Will it be the dangerous kind of mold?

Um, it will be any kind of mold that happens to be floating around in your environment.  Dangerous and non-dangerous.

According to the EPA if you can see mold, then you don’t have to test to see what kind it is.  Here is what they actually have on their website about mold-

Is sampling for mold needed?  In most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary.  Since no EPA or other federal limits have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling cannot be used to check a building’s compliance with federal mold standards.  Surface sampling may be useful to determine if an area has been adequately cleaned or remediated.  Sampling for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing  mold sampling protocols, sampling methods, and interpreting results.  Sample analysis should follow analytical methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), or other professional organizations.

Okay, so there are no “federal mold standards”.  And sampling is unnecessary because if one mold is growing visibly then the likelihood that another mold might take root is a reasonable guess and the more mold spores that take root in moist areas the worse the chances are that the mold that is growing is “safe” for humans.  But that doesn’t mean that mold is something we should fear.  It’s just something we should see to.  And seeing to mold means drying wet or damp areas.

How do you do that?  Well there are lots of ways to get rid of excess moisture.  Dehumidifiers work as long as you keep them emptied and clean their tanks.  Fans work.  Towels work.  Heaters work.  Sunshine works.  Fresh air works.  Insulating cold spaces in warm spaces works.

There are also a lot of ways to get rid of moldy items.  The problem with removing something that is moldy is that the spores are like a lot of spores.  The slightest movement will send them blasting off the moldy surface in the hopes of finding another perfect substrate.  But you gotta do what you gotta do!  You have to remove the visible mold.  The bad news is that once something like paper, or clothing or rugs or wall surfaces become mold ridden then the mold is in your  environment.  If the moisture levels increase again in that space guess what might happen!

I’m no specialist when it comes to mold remediation!  If you have concerns about mold then my advice is to address them sooner than later.  But I remember when we were all shaken by Radon gas…and then we figured out that it was a normal background gas that you really couldn’t do too much about.  Then there was a concern with nitrites…and then lead paint freaked us out, and  then asbestos almost killed us.  I guess I’m trying to say that mold is just another scary thing in a long line of scary things that we should be smart about and maybe we shouldn’t panic so much about seeing evidence of mold.

Clean it.  Dry the area.  Have a nice life 🙂




Nokia’s Malvern Office To Close; Our Brave New World!

Traffic.com is  company located in Malvern that will be closed according to Nokia.  I found that information over at Philly.com  ( Thanks Mr. DiStefano).

I’m sorry for the folks that are losing their jobs due to downsizing by the company but their plans are to get leaner and meaner.  Here is a bit of their press release:


– Review the long-term role of its manufacturing operations in Salo, Finland, Komarom, Hungary, and Reynosa, Mexico. These factories are expected to continue to play a key role in serving European and North American smartphone customers, but the plan is to gradually shift their focus to customer and market-specific software and sales package customization. It is estimated this would have an impact on the number of personnel in 2012, with no impact in 2011. Nokia will engage in discussions with employee representatives and stakeholders in these sites, and expects to have more visibility into the possible headcount impacts in the first quarter of 2012.

Nokia previously announced its plans to create a Location & Commerce business consolidating location assets including NAVTEQ and Nokia’s social location services operations. As part of consolidating this business, Nokia has identified potential synergies and opportunities to increase effectiveness through automation. Location & Commerce is responsible for driving the delivery of the world’s best digital mapping content, location platform and social-location experiences. Nokia plans to concentrate its Location & Commerce development efforts in Berlin, Boston, Chicago and other supporting sites, and plans to close its operations in Bonn, Germany and Malvern, US.

Nokia is also starting consultations with employees in Sales, Marketing and Corporate Functions, in line with Nokia’s earlier announcement on April 27, 2011.

“We are seeing solid progress against our strategy, and with these planned changes we will emerge as a more dynamic, nimble and efficient challenger,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO. “We must take painful, yet necessary, steps to align our workforce and operations with our path forward.”

“Europe is core to Nokia’s future. In addition to our headquarters, we have a strong R&D presence in Europe. We have four major R&D sites in Finland and two major R&D sites in Germany, as well as Nokia Research Centers and other supporting R&D sites in Europe. Nokia also retains a strong local presence in our many sales offices throughout this region, as well as our operations in Salo and Komarom,” said Elop.

There you have it, Boston and Chicago are in, Malvern is out.

The only thing that bothers me about this development is it points to what is going to happen in the future when humans aren’t needed anymore.  For example in this case there were a lot of people who were engaged in mapping, once the maps are created and the information is downloaded into a computer- the human aspect of the job is virtually complete.  Imagine how many other jobs will be unnecessary in the future as computers take over our world.

I have objected before to the dangers of computers and robotics.  Yet here I am sitting on my computer typing about the dangers of computers sucking pertinent facts and figures from humans.  Once the library is complete who will need us?

Machines can tell if we are sick. They can educate us.  They can keep us informed with information on our daily drives.  Machines are even said to be able to read our most private thoughts- even though at this point I think we are still safe from being wholly exposed  but that isn’t to say that it won’t be possible for a machine at some point in the near future to recognize patterns that identify certain basic wants and needs.

Then where will we fit in as humans in this brave new world?

I’m just asking!




Malibooz At the Reading Airport

Remember I was defending Reading’s honor today?  Well tonight I had an opportunity to go out to eat so I decided to go to  Reading’s Malibooz which is a little sports bar type restaurant right at the airport.

Tonight as every Wednesday night you can get 2 for 1.  I got a 6oz steak wrapped in bacon with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.  My date got a rack of baby back ribs with a barbecued breast of chicken and a salad and fries.  We both got alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.  For everything it  was less than 40 bucks.

Look if you arrived at this site because you wanted to see what I was talking about being next to one of the poorest communities in the US- and that means that you haven’t been to Reading then visit there and then  get on 422 and head East  into Pottstown! 🙂





Living Near The Poorest Place in America!

Woe to Reading for being the poorest location the the United States…eh?  Maybe we are only talking about PA, but the dice are loaded folks.

Wait a second!  Reading is nice!  I’m not going to wring my hands over Reading!  Reading has a lot going for it which means I’m going to ignore what people think and I’m going to say out loud and for the record that if I have a choice between going to King of Prussia and Reading?  Well I choose Reading!

I know that there are lots of boarded up businesses.  And I know that there are unkept rowhomes. I know about the homeless types- but I insist from personal experience that you will find those symptoms of strain and decay up and down the East Coast!  Hell, I’ve been in a lot of these places!  And if you compare some of them to Reading?  I’m sorry but Reading wins!

I think Reading’s problem is it’s old.  It has lost manufacturing jobs that supported the residents in the city.  It’s made up of families that are in transition but it has a lot of beauty there.

Does that sound familiar?

This is what I see in Reading- shopping, museums, fine healthcare, a sports stadium, several colleges and universities, an arts community, active churches, beautiful scenic areas, historic residences and small tight communities.

Being the poorest place in America isn’t that bad if you ask me!

Now I know that  there is crime in Reading.  I agree that bad people who aren’t invested in where they live often wind up sharing the same living spaces with decent people who can’t move elsewhere.  THAT SUCKS, but it isn’t a reflection on the good folks who live in Reading and I insist that most of the people you’ll find on the streets in Reading fit into the decent human being category!

It’s ridiculous even talking about people as if they are a certain type of person because they live in a poor dated city.

Now if we talk about people who live in Allentown- well, that is a different story! 🙂

( I’m teasing!  I happen to love Allentown too.)

I guess my gut feeling as to whether  a city is a scary place or not is how much decay do you have to walk through in order to get to a half decent if not very decent area?  It’s sort of a boots on the ground thing.  You can’t drive through or around a place and offer a solid opinion on it!  You have to enter a church!  You have to be walking through the town at night.  You have to suffer a problem and find locals who support you!  You have to visit a local bodega, or a Mom and Pop corner store.  You have to hang out at a park and you have to sit in traffic.  If you see police driving calmly through town,  and you see business people going to and from work, and you see families laughing and playing and you see new construction, and you see folks decorating their homes then it’s a relatively nice place!

On the other hand, if you see row upon row of boarded up homes, and you see police flying through the streets with sirens wailing.  And if you see roads that are torn up and cyclone fencing keeping residents away from decaying buildings, and you see signs on stores that say “only one child allowed in at a time”.  Okay, those are bad places.  Without a strong community there is absolutely no life.

Or if you see block after block of strip malls, and car sales dealerships and you see truck centers and you see highways…and then there is a strip of homes that look like empty shells lit by harsh street lighting- that is a bad place!  Not because the people that live there are necessarily bad but because there isn’t any sense of community there!

Or if you see some broken down one story properties with lean to sheds that are dillapidated and falling down where bikes are strewn in the driveways and old cars sit on deflated tires….Oh wait a minute that is my house!  And I assure you, my house is truly just as the Beatles have sung ” a very, very, very fine house.”

Thanks for listening to my point of  view.  I appreciate it.




Melons Can Kill You!

Sure they can.  Like if you have a large bin of them hanging over your head and somehow they fall?  You are dead…maybe!

And, if you buy melons infected with Listeria…and you eat them and you are over 60, or you are pregnant, or you have a delicate immune system?  You are dead..maybe.

So we have to look out for a bunch of dangerous melons and throw them away and then we’ll all be safe right?

Well, no.

Unfortunately folks are being given the impression that if they toss out the offending Rocky Mountain cantaloupes that they’ll be safe and sound.  The reality is a little messier.  See, melons are good candidates for listeria growth.  Apples  work too but pineapples are lousy at growing listeria.  It has to do with the ph of the fruits.  But listeria is also known to us as one of those nasty gut bacterias.  It grows really well and sadly one strain is a killer! ( L. monocytogenes)  So what I’m trying to say is that we are surrounded by listeria- we just aren’t surrounded by the killing variety.  But those who are working near it are very likely to ingest it themselves thereby making it more prevalent in an environment and quite frankly it’s no one’s fault.  It’s just the behavior of the bacteria.

And L. monocytogenes grows at low temperatures!  That is right, if you stick it into your fridge and it isn’t perfectly chilly then that little bacteria is going to grow.  It grows at high temperatures and low temperatures.  The only bad thing about it growing at high temperatures is it changes it’s nature more at high temps.  At low temperatures the type of bacteria you started with is the bacteria you are ending up with.

So if you put an offending fruit in your fridge and it is a melon which is a great substrate for this bacteria- the bacteria will continue to grow and it’s likely to visit all of it’s neighbors and try to cling and grow there too.  Some foods will have their own protection against it- foods like sauerkraut and pickles, and other foods just won’t have enough food for the bacteria to live on.

Isn’t that neat?

Scientists have found that in fresh water there is something they are calling “bacteriophages”.  They are numerous.  These will eat bacteria.  So when you think you are just washing something off…you are literally blasting it with bacteria eaters.

The study that looked at bacteriophages also looked at glucobacter asaii.  The belief is that this bacteria is the thing that causes browning on apples!  ( And you thought it was just the air hitting the surface of a cut slice.)  Anyhow, mixing this possible browning agent and lots of fresh water and then pouring this stuff on cut melons reduced the listeria on the pieces.

So what is my point?  My point is that if you are elderly or if you have a weakened immune system  or you are pregnant that you may well need to follow the CDC’s instructions if you happen to have picked up some cataloupes from states that sold cantaloupes with L.monocytogenes.

BUT….listeria and perhaps lysteria monocytogenes is surrounding all of us.  It’s in meat products and mayonnaise and smoked fish salads and fruits and veggies and even human waste.  It’s in water and in soil.  But note that I also said bacteriophages are in water!  So that may explain why water with the very dangerous bacteria might be used in growing fruits and veggies!  No one is sampling the fresh water and getting any immediate signs of high bacterial content.  It isn’t till the bacteriophages die off that the Lysteria can grow handily.

I’m bringing this all to you because I think it’s eye opening.  Just because we can’t see bacteria doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  The world isn’t split into safe places with clean areas and unsafe places that harbor germs.  We are completely surrounded by germs!  It’s just that not  all of us are susceptible to the poisonous growth of certain bacteria.

In some people a bout with Lysteria will give them diarrhea, in others the bacteria will grow so fast in their body that it will actually start attacking other organs and their spinal column.    Lysteria can grow in humans for months before the person presents with a serious illness.

Now how do you feel about washing fresh fruit and veggies and washing your hands after touching bacterial laden items?

I have another suggestion although I have to insist that I am not a professional and I am only guessing here- but since melons both honeydew and cantaloupes seem to be excellent breeding grounds for Listeria and since it grows on both the skin and the fruit I am going to be extra careful about picking up the sliced melon packages I see in supermarkets.

My guess is that melons that have been pasteurized and are in salads are relatively safe and melons that are presented in some kind of alcohol are safe but melons in sugar water might be suspect!  Of course this won’t be forever…it will be until the fast growing L monocytogenes dies of natural causes.

Just keep in mind that it will be back!





Maya Rudolph as Shirley Bassey! Only in My Imagination.

If I were a Hollywood story writer I’d create a film about Shirley Bassey and the  star of my flick would be Maya Rudolph.  I’ve heard Maya sing several times and while she may have been playing around she has tremendous range and I think she could handle portraying Miss Bassey.

Shirley who is still living in Monte Carlo has had so many successes musically but I don’t think she’s been acknowledged as a performer in the US.

I wish I was a screenwriter!  Does anyone know anyone who is?