Curing Cancer!

A local chiropractor in our area is holding a seminar on how folks can cure their own cancer!

It makes me a little sad because it may well be true that there are some cancerous growths that can be made to go into remission through lifestyle changes- but in all honesty, there are some that may not.  Telling people that they are in control of tumors or of metastasizing cancers seems reckless and unkind to me.  But people will go and they’ll pay their 20 bucks to hear that they can heal themselves.  It’s sad.

I know that we humans have incredible healing powers within ourselves.  I know that stress and inflamation may irritate pre-cancerous wounds.  I know that the acid level of the body may invite rogue cells to proliferate.  I know that environmental conditions might initiate cancerous cell growth.  I know that some oils and some micronutrient rich foods can change the composition of cancers within the body.  In other words I firmly believe that we can make choices that will help and benefit our bodies but that doesn’t mean we can always heal cancerous growths.

Cancer is of course a catchphrase for any illness that is due to damaged cell growth.  Once a link in the chain of DNA breaks and that damaged information is repeated in other cells the disease takes off.  It’s the mass propagation of damaged cells that we call cancer.  Cancer can happen anywhere in the body!  It can grow in bones and tissue and blood.  Some people are born with the cellular information that tends to subject  a body to certain cancers and others are exposed to toxins in their environment that cause inferior or immature cells to multiply and grow or “proliferate” wildly.

At this point I’m afraid we don’t know enough about cancer despite all the money and energy we’ve been pouring into research.  We still don’t understand it as well as we need to.  Cancer is still a puzzle.

Can a chiropractor tell you all you need to know to cure yourself?

Hell, I can’t answer that question!  How do you prove a negative?

I’m just thinking that if anyone is going to charge you 20 bucks to tell you to drink lemon water, or meditate twice a day, or sit with a headset listening to a certain tone of healing herz, or get a certain kind of manipulation….then ask for the proof that their modality is healing people.  Ask them to show you evidence.   Ask what their protocall is.  Because healing isn’t magic- it has been known to be miraculous and of course, that can’t be bought!  But healing isn’t magic.

Speaking of miraculous healing…yesterday was Michaelmas or the feast day of the Archangel Michael.  The three well known archangels are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.  Michael is the chief defender against evil. Gabriel is the Lord’s favorite messenger and Raphael, in the Catholic tradition is the Angel to call on when you need healing.

And now, despite my fear of looking stupid for standing on the rock of faith I’m going to close with a heartfelt prayer…

May God bless and protect you and those you love.  May you find peace and contentment in your life as a child of God.  May the Saints surround you and guide you as you walk through the dark spaces. May Michael defend you from evil.  May Gabriel keep you from false teaching, and may Raphael surround you with healing.   May God’s power shine forth and touch you to nourish you and give you strength so that you may be a beacon to others in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.



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