How Do I Kill Mold If I Can’t Get a Grip?!

Type in “mold” online and you’ll find how many folks have gone into business with the intention of remediation of mold!   Apparently no one has informed them that mold isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Only 20 percent of the mold spores that are out there are dangerous to humans.  Got that?  Imagine a hundred different types of mold and only 2 of them are dangerous.  But we invest lots of money in cleaning up mold don’t we?

We think we can use bleach to clean it up right?


Bleach is like 98 percent water!  When you are drying up a problem area it might not be the best idea in the world to soak it with more water.  Bleach may whiten the area so that we don’t think the  mold is there, but that is like pouring whiteout over an ink stain and insisting that there is no more ink stain.  In both cases the offensive stain is still there.

The government says the only way to kill mold is to blast it with “Quats”, or quaternium ion type antiseptics.  Believe it or not you’ll find a lot of these quats in the products you might already use in the bathroom.  Shampoos, cosmetics, linens.  It’s in things like peroxides.  It’s in things like aspirin.  It’s in mouth cleaners and acne cleaners.  It’s in paint and construction materials.

Now I’m not saying that if you put acne face cleanser on mold it will go away.  First you have to wash off the organic materials! 🙂

I’m just shaking my head at the sheer nonsense of this stuff.  In order for these chemicals to work properly we have to make sure we remove all organic materials?????

Go look up organic material. 🙂





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