How Come Septic Guy Calls Me And You Dont’?

Hah, I’m partially joking here but have you noticed that you hate to call people you don’t really know because you either hate to bother them or you tell yourself they aren’t worth your time, or you have some reason that you can’t be bothered?  And yet, a lot of you show up here daily to listen to a one sided conversation and there is a really strong likelihood that we’ll never talk to each other live?  Yet the Septic company robodials me and someone who is paid to talk to me tries to sell me on a new septic cleaning system?

Isn’t that weird?

Look, I’m available most of the time.  If you call or email me there is a good chance I’ll respond.  If that worries you and you don’t want me to respond then tell me so.  I won’t respond.

I think I’m in the white pages!  I hate to just give out my number because it seems reckless.  But I’m a real human being and I won’t sell you on any big ticket items!  At most we’ll just say hi.  I might ask you who you are.  Then I’ll probably say  ” that’s cool”.  Then we might talk about our  mutual interests.  At the end of our conversation we’d probably close it by saying something like “Bye”.

I’m being silly, but it seems like I’m answering the phone more and more these days and finding that the person on the other end wants to sell me something!

What have we given up in letting spammers put us off telephones?

Call me with your answer 🙂



Please know that I’m both joking and being serious at the same time.  It’s confusing but hey, it’s very human.





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