Occupying Anyplace!

I have been noticing the Occupy Wall Street protests that are not restricted to Wall Street anymore and I don’t know how to feel about the protesters.  I don’t know that they are gathering with a single idea and so it makes it tough to support or deny support.

Today was the day that New York Mayor Bloomberg wanted to ” clean up” Zucotti park.  That is apparently where tents and sleeping bags have been set up.  The folks camping out there have objected to being ousted and they were going to protest against being thrown out of the park.  At first that made me think that they were being unreasonable, but then today when I read that they’d be allowed to reenter the park but without their sleeping bags and tents then I saw that this wasn’t just about cleaning up detritus left over from some campers.

A couple of weeks ago my family went to an Eagles game in Philly.  They were there early for a pregame party.  The group that they were meeting there had a Winnebago with a bathroom and a kitchen and sleeping arrangements.  Those units are allowed pretty much wherever a car is allowed, but of course the parking authority at the stadium wouldn’t let people come in and set up tents and sleeping bags.    That actuallly is true of a lot of places, even camping resorts sometimes only allow trailers or pop-ups or winnebago type RV’s.

I’m thinking it’s odd that you can’t go somewhere with a tent that costs 150.00 but you can be there if you’ve spent 15,000 dollars for a unit.

I  still don’t have an opinion about the protests but I think we should check our feelings of disgust at people who are wiling to camp out on concrete in the middle of the city.  They aren’t doing it for fun!  Maybe it’s time to start paying them a little attention.

How would we handle them if they were a convoy of sleeper trucks?  What about a convoy of recreational vehicles?  How would we handle their gathering if they could afford to rent out street front buildings and they decided to move in temporarily?  We see sleeper truck units parked in shopping center lots or on the sides of highways and no one insists that the drivers get out and find hotels or other modes of standard housing.

I can imagine telling me that trucking is a business and it’s reasonable for drivers to sleep in their units.  I can imagine people saying recreation is a business and it’s reasonable for people to  be able to take their personal belongings with them.  I guess protesting isn’t a business and so no one is going to support a group of “ragtag” gypsies who are bellowing about being ripped off by banks and corporations.

Humans are weird!








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