Rick Perry Promises a Plan for a Million Jobs in First 100 Days

Perry says that we can only make what American’s need if we break the unstable influence  of middle eastern countries and south American countries.

He says we are the Saudi Arabia of Coal.  We have the  resources we need to fuel our cars, homes and power plants.  The resources are in PA and VA, OH, TX, AL, but President Obama and the “overreaching” EPA won’t allow Americans to withdraw a fraction of the energy we have right here.

Rick pledges to open all federal water and land to drilling.  He says his plan will contain the cost of electricity and fuel.

What do you think?







2 thoughts on “Rick Perry Promises a Plan for a Million Jobs in First 100 Days”

    1. I am beginning to think it’s tough to fight folks from Texas. I think the fact that it borders another country gives those Texas candidates for political office an extra lift. It’s like they are proud of being an American in a way that folks from inland states can’t seem to muster. My big concern about turning America into a fueling station for the world is that I think there is more to us as a country! Petrochemicals and energy are a huge part of where we are as a nation. Do we really need another President who will support energy companies?

      I’m practicing saying President Mitt.

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