The Septic Factory!

I just got a phone call from the Septic Factory.  I’ve never ever heard of a company called  the Septic Factory, but that is the name the caller gave me and I assume he knows the company he works for.

This caller asked for Mo.  I asked who the caller was.  The gentleman said he was calling from the Septic Factory and he said that he needed to speak to Mo because he wanted to tell Mo that his septic system was the most important thing he owned.

I’m willing to admit that Septic systems are very nice systems and I’m glad that this man felt so committed to them, but I don’t know that  I’d call a septic system the most important thing a homeowner can have- it ranks pretty high up there, but it isn’t going to get my top billing.

I told my caller that I didn’t think we were interested.  I trust that won’t stop the Septic Factory from trying to reach good old Mo.








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