The World is Crazy!

I was just telling you about my reading a South African news source and I found another article that shocked me.  It seems like the ANC, which is a strong national political movement in South African, and it has a young people’s group within it and at one particular gathering a student leader began the convocation by singing a song that was originally known as “Shoot the Boer”, he changed it to “Shoot the White”.

“I am tempted to sing this song,” said Tokelo Nhlapo, a member of the incoming student representative council and the youth league. To which the students replied: “Sing it”. He then burst into the banned “shoot the boer” with Wits students on their feet singing along.

He repeatedly added the words “dubula lekgoa” (shoot the white).

“When asked to explain what he meant, Nhlapo said: “I have the right not to comment. I choose not to say what I meant.”

ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza said: “It is an unknown version. From the ANC’s point of view, we have never heard this song. We only know the version (shoot the boer) that went to court.”
I’m not trying to be a scaremonger here!  I think it’s important to notice though that the entire world is screwy.  You’ve got the indignant in Rome tossing “molotov cocktails” and setting fires to buildings and you have Occupy Wall Street setting up shop in Lancaster and Harrisburg and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh!

We are obviously going through a rather strange period in history!  I mean for some people today was a celebration of Martin Luther King’s life. That is a wonderful thing to be proud of, it makes me feel great about where we are as humans!  But then there are the stories about hatred and distrust and violence.  It isn’t so pretty being a human being then!  And you can see I’m not just talking about folks using race as a club, or folks who are abusing  those of different genders, or folks who are yelling about  their own personal entitlements.  No,  I think the whole world is a little nuts right now!

Please fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!




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