Military Families Can SOAR with Learning Tips

I found a really great site online today that I’m going to share with you.  My gig in life is teaching little people.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a licensed teacher but nonetheless I do teach.  And as a pseudo-teacher I’m always interested in new learning techniques.  The internet is chock full of places that folks can pick up some lessons or tutorials but I found a site that is specifically devoted to our military families.  It’s at http://www.SoarAtHome.org

Now as I said this site was developed for our military families but the information is available to civilians like me and all you have to do is register your name and some information on the ages of the children you have that will be using the site.  If you go there as a civilian you can use a drop down box to check which military station is nearest you.  I chose Willow Grove, but you could also choose Carlisle.  Then you simply choose “civilian” in the drop down box for what branch of the service you are in.  Then a world of learning will open up that is really cute and cleverly designed.

I don’t think I’m taking advantage of anyone by sharing this information.  As I said, there is a FAQ page that explains how civilians can access the information and it’s all already online.  So if you feel  like learning a little about reading, or math, or science or history then head on over there and explore!




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