My Theory of Life!

I’m no super genius.  I’m just a regular old person trying to figure out my way in this experience we all call life.  I’ve developed some opinions as I’ve wandered around, some of my opinions have been outright wrong and some I still hold dear.  I’d  even say that some of my thoughts, feelings and  experiences have shaped me.  They have literally made me who I am.  So  I’m going to call all of “essence” my  “theory of life”.

In psychology there is a term called the Theory of Mind.  That phrase refers to a person’s ability to see into and understand how another’s mind works.  In other words I can not only understand my own point of view and I can imagine how I came by it, but I have an ability to extend my perception and in doing that, I might be pretty good at picking up what someone else is feeling or thinking.  That is in basic terms what the theory of mind is all about.

Now let’s extend that view of a “theory” to a theory of  life.  I can understand that I have a life.   I can’t say  I  know how I developed. Also,  I don’t know much about  the mechanics of it all.   I don’t know what the future will bring but I do know I am experiencing something we call life right now!  In addtion I have a rough idea of what other things are alive.  I’m not always right about it. My brain isn’t quite as sensitive as I’d like it to be but I can keep working on that.  I don’t understand all the mechanics of other life forms but I do have a sense that there are other lives sharing this experience with me.

That is all I have and that is all I imagine any of us can have. So  I’m making an executive decision here and I’m going to call my feeling of conciousness good!  We are all figments of our own imagination, and it looks like  that is just the way it’s supposed to be!  Our emotions and our feelings and our experiences are in sum our lives.  And we need to start accepting all of it as good. ( It could be better sometimes, but we have to start by saying this is good.)

Breathe in….Breathe out. ( I recommend you keep coming back to this breathing step  in developing  your own “theory of life”. 🙂

How is that?

Great!  So the next time anyone asks you what the meaning of life is you can tell them that your theory is that you are you. That is the end of  the story, although, between us of course, we know that it isn’t the really the  end, it’s also a very important beginning.

What has been is gone.  What is yet to come may not.  Be present now.  That’s life!

Speaking of which, I have to toss myself into my shower and get to work.  I’ll be seeing you!







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