Spiders At Target!

I went to Target in Lower Pottsgrove today to pick up some gloves for my kids who were going to be in a parade in Elverson tonight.  I wanted inexpensive knit gloves so that my instrumentalists/flag twirlers could cut the fingers off.

I also picked up some food.  I wanted a cucumber and I got some sour cream.  The store was really pretty quiet.  There were a lot of clearance sales that I noticed.

But I’m not writing this to talk about my cucumber!  I wanted to mention the very nice woman I met who was making some purchases so she could outfit  a flatbed truck for Boyertown’s Halloween parade on Saturday night.  She had a spider about 4 feet wide in one hand and in her small red handbasket I think she had another 4 or 5 huge spiders.  They were overflowing from her basket.

I started giggling and I told her that  it made me so happy to have her get in line behind me.  I said ” It’s going to be hard to forget the lady who was buying that many spiders!”

Happy Halloween a little early!




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