Wanna Remember Something? Say it Out Loud!

I was looking to find a study that purportedly shows that men are marginally more funny than women!  And I mean funny ha ha, and not funny strange!

According to a Philly.com article it was proven by folks over at the University of South Dakota ( I think?!) that men are slightly  funnier than women.  But the researchers felt that the belief that men are funnier is stronger than the evidence that it’s actually so.

They found that men think they are funnier than they actually are too!  They believe that men try to be funny to impress women but it seems that all of their tomfoolery impresses other men more!

Heh, now that is funny!

But as I was saying I was checking out the link to find the study data for funny men when I ran across a study that wanted to see if it was more effective to have someone else say something aloud in order to remember it, or was it better for the individual to speak a word aloud?

It turns out that it’s better if the individual says it themselves.  It helps if someone else says it to them, but the production effect is most helpful when it’s personal.  If both the learner and another both speak the same thing at the same time the memory is negligible.

That makes me think that learning by rote is a really good plan.

Let’s try it… You say out loud ” Men aren’t that funny”.




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