You Can Call Cain a Nut, But Not a Fruit!

Over at the Guardian, an English newspaper, I found a brief look at Herman Cain’s autobiography.  The author of the piece is struck by Cain’s disconnect from the time period he was raised in.  Cain apparently had no compunction to right  wrongs against blacks, he just learned to be extra well behaved and do the best he could as a person.  As a matter of fact, he was appointed leader of the trombone section when he was just a junior!  When he was told to move to the back of the bus in a relatively empty bus- he did.

But the writer makes note of a story that Cain must have told in his book about his father who was a chauffer for  the Coca Cola magnate!  When someone suggested the magnate not give Cain’s father company stock Cain’s father showed the man a gun and told him if he ever told the owner not to do anything for him again he’d find out how good he was with a gun!

Isn’t that a nice story?

In this country people have compared him to McCain, who was sort of insultingly called ‘Walnuts’ for reasons I won’t explore.  Anyhow, our Herman Cain has accepted the comparisons to McCain but he says he’s ‘black walnuts’.  So we can see that he can take a joke, sort of, which makes you think it’s possible that he’s a clearheaded fella, but then when the media starts talking to other blacks who oppose him Cain gets offended by their remarks.

What amazes me though is that apparently name calling or opposition to him in the past based on his race didn’t upset him, now as we can see in other news it  upsets him a lot.  As a matter of fact when Harry Belafonte objected to Cain’s attitude that he understands the Blacks in the US, Belafonte said “because someone blinked” and Cain did  well that doesn’t mean that Cain gets what it is for Blacks in this country.  Belafonte calls him a ‘bad apple’ obviously suggesting that he’s ruining things for everyone else The new bristly Cain is offended that Belafonte is calling him a bad apple!

So it’s okay to call him a ‘black walnut’ but it  is not okay to call him a ‘bad apple’.

I don’t know if the portrayal of Cain is fair and balanced, but so far the media has been making him seem like part of  a sideshow.  I can’t quite figure out if he is?  Or is it that media experts can’t imagine having a pizza king as President!





3 thoughts on “You Can Call Cain a Nut, But Not a Fruit!”

    1. Hey Jeff!
      Good to see you. Now to get to what I expected from the media- I usually expect direction from them, for example if they talk about the 9-9-9 plan then I find conservative news stories that offer support for it. I’m not so blind that I take all my news direct from the traditional media outlets, but Jeff, even conservative sites are hedging when it comes to backing Cain.

      Who do you like?

  1. Who do I like? Any conservative who will get Obama out of the White House!! But seriously, what I have found is that each of the candidates has something that I like about them. I wish there was a candidate who had all the different strength’s that each candidate has, but I don’t see ‘super candidate” out there. I think Romney would appeal to more of the independent voters. After all, the base of each party will vote for their candidate so it will come down to independents (who, by the way, were totally hoodwinked by Obama). I

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