Yue Yue Passed Away

How is it that I didn’t even  get to see her face but hearing that she is now gone puts a knot in my throat?!  I think what kills me was seeing her lack of fear and then seeing the tragic and horrifying results.

I’m going to post the images now that she’s dead.  This isn’t to titilate, but it’s to let those of you who are wondering what happened know.  It’s also my hope that it will remind us how dangerous it can be leaving ANY trusting toddler, or small child on their own at all.  Remember this whole incident took place in about 7 minutes.

This is a very disturbing video.  I caution anyone with a heart because it won’t leave your thoughts.



1 thought on “Yue Yue Passed Away”

  1. Hello,
    The incident involving the loss of Yueyue’s tender life reflects extreme, social disregard. Although 18 people or more bypassing the child is a very serious matter. My viewpoint these individuals do not collectively represent the whole of China’s society. I wrote about this news item on my blog, Curtis On The News
    Please consider other abuses of children rampant in various nations. For example in certain lands impoverished parents sold their young ones for money to be use as sex slaves. Do these desparate, unloving parents picture everyone else’s attitudes of young ones in their country? It is vital people in each nation deeply consider how they can exercise better regard for human life.

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