Do You Want Your Child To Fall Through a Bridge?!

The answer to that question is NO.  Anyone who was about to answer with anything other than no needs to consider taking some anger management classes and maybe a babysitting course or two!  For the rest of you here is some of what our state Auditor Jack Wagner is saying about our bridges here in PA:

Wagner sa Pennsylvania should move quickly to repair more of its deteriorating roads and bridges, state Auditor General Jack Wagner said Tuesday, calling the problem an embarrassment and a safety risk.

George Wade Bridge constructionView full sizeThe Patriot-News, 2011Construction crews remove old cement from one of the tooth grooved dam’s on I-81 south bound bridge. The cement is being replaced after years of wear and tear and patch work.

Wagner, a Democrat, said rebuilding the transportation infrastructure was the most pressing issue before state government, and that it constituted the fastest way to boost the Pennsylvania economy.

“It’s either pay me now or pay me later,” said Wagner, noting the projected $3.5 billion annual cost to complete the work is likely to keep rising. “And if we don’t invest in our road or bridges now, shame on us.”

He said hundreds of structurally deficient bridges currently impose weight limits for vehicle traffic.

“Do you want your child in a school bus going over one of these bridges? And the obvious answer is no,” Wagner said.


Heh heh,




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