Philly Express

The other morning I saw a Bieber tour bus that was heading to Philly.

I bet you are wondering how I know it was going from Pottstown to Philly?  Well, I know because on the side of the bus it had the words Philly Express written on it.  Tan bus with big writing!

So I just checked the routes that the bus takes and I can’t find out exactly where it picks people up in Pottstown but it takes them to the Greyhound terminal down in Philly for, according to the pdf file that Bieber directs you to even though it is dated, for about 14.80.

Okay, that isn’t cheap, but it isn’t that bad either.  I mean you can get a  tour bus into Philly and pay 64.00 plus!  Of course that bus ride would take you to an actual destination as opposed to an old bus terminal but hey, I’ll consider saving 50 bucks and finding my own way around downtown Philly!

If you feel like checking out the Philly Express just contact Bieber at 1-800-Bieber-4.  ( If you wind up making a day of it then invite me!)





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