White Benches on Bridges!

You know that bridge that connects 422 with 724?  It’s the one right past the old Covatta’s Brinton Lodge?  Yeah that one!  Well this evening around 5 ish I was going over that bridge and I saw this white bench lying in the roadway.  At first I thought it was an officially placed hazard gate.  I thought that because the roadbed on that bridge is almost like swiss cheese.  So I figured that someone had finally decided that cars should avoid the holes so as not to make them any bigger.

That is why I didn’t stop to move the thing out of the way of cars.  I thought it was supposed to be there!  When I realized it was just a wooden picnic bench painted a bright white I wanted to stop and move it but there was a big old 4×4 right behind me and that driver didn’t seem to want to wait.

A little while later I was driving back in the opposite direction and the bench was gone.  I know, this isn’t important news is it?  But I’m mentioning this non-news thing because it seemed so odd to see a bench there that it sort of burned itself in my brain.  Whereupon travelling past the same space again when there was no bench there I found myself looking for it as if I just missed seeing it and as if it was possible that if I only looked a little harder I’d see it again!

How weird is that?!?







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