Fatties Get the Flu More Often!

I’d say I was sorry about using the derogatory term ‘fatties’ for heavy or obese people,but I’m not.  You see, I’m not disparaging other people, right now I’m disparaging myself!   I’m a ‘fatty’.  And unfortunately  it looks like being overweight increases my chance of dying of an influenza virus!

Yay!  Can the news get any better today?

Hah, yes it can!  It appears that Fat people not only die more often from influenza but they also aren’t as well protected after receiving flu shots!

Of course scientists have no idea why any of this is true, which I’m going to interpret as it  isn’t necessarily true!  I’m going to guess that they are looking at studies of heavy people that  have significant health issues already who  are naturally prone  to succumbing to the ill effects of influenza.  Further,  I’m going to guess that the flu shots are not as effective as pharmaceutical companies or their buyers would like and that this is just an attempt to ‘blame the victim’.

So my plan for this year’s flu season is to lose 50 pounds…or if  I can’t  do that in time I plan  on trying not to die from the flu!

This chatting about the news is really fun.







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