Good Morning!

Sometimes I have a hard time starting my day.  Like this morning, I woke up and shuffled into the bathroom only to see a wrinkle where there hadn’t been any wrinkles before.  Then I found a rogue hair growing and then I noticed my teeth aren’t that shiny white that advertisers  suggest healthy people have.  I really felt like going straight back to  bed.

On days like this, no matter how much I try I can’t feel happy about waking up and getting started on my busy day.  But despite that hesitation I’m doing what is appropriate and I’m saying “Good Morning”.  It doesn’t feel like a new day, it feels like a continuation of an old day that never ends…same ____ different day!

Oh I’m in a chipper mood aren’t I?

You know what I could use?  A nice warm hug.  I want to be able to wake up in the morning and order a nice warm hug.  One that doesn’t last too long, but that isn’t too short.  I’d like one that makes me feel like I can garner strength in it.  I want one that makes me feel glad I’m on this planet.

Instead I have a fight with my toothbrush while looking in that mirror that reminds me I’m no Snow White.

I’m Slushy Gray, or Muddy Puddle in late Fall, or Drippy Autumn, or Morose Morning Girl…hah, strike that,  I mean Morose  Morning Hag!

You know what is the good thing about writing this stuff down?  When I go back and read it it makes me giggle.

So, enough maudlin musings on lousy mornings when  a person could really use a damn hug!  It’s time to lace up my boots and paste on a smile and get out in the world!  But I swear, if anyone appears to notice that tiny crevice on the side of my mouth that wasn’t there yesterday well, I’ll…I’ll….I’ll probably just grimace and say ‘Good Morning!’ with a nasty trill so they know that I don’t mean it.

I can be a real tough guy sometimes.



PS- Good Morning! 🙂




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