Herman Cain is Nuts! And Rick Perry is Wrinkled!

That is a personal opinion and as I just mentioned in my last post I’m  not feeling as spunky as usual so when I saw this stupid video that is supposed to be promoting Herman Cain as a presidential candidate I felt a little nauseous.   Why don’t you check it out and see what you think about the smarmy content.

AT first when I saw this I thought it was a joke.  I thought someone had swiped his name and created a nasty campaign commercial,  even though I couldn’t figure out what group might  benefit from such a thing.  But I went to Herman’s official  campaign website  and guess what?  He’s advertising for this spot as a part of his Herman Cain TV.

I’m going to pretend that someone stole his name for their use and I’m going to  imagine that HermanCain.com isn’t his real website.  I going to tell myself that the whole thing is a joke.

But what I don’t get is if it’s a joke why isn’t he or some  of his campaign staff mentioning it?  Can it be possible that they don’t know that a “hermancain.com exists?  Or do they know it exists because it’s part of their campaign?

You know what?  I don’t care.  If you guys vote for Herman Cain you deserve what happens.  If you vote for Rick Perry then you deserve what  happens  to you too!  A flat tax rate of only 20 percent?!

Before I close with this particular rant I do feel it’s necessary to point to Herman Cain’s beautiful white teeth!  He may be a shallow husk of a man but he has gorgeous choppers.  I find his smile eerie but hey, that is me.

I also want to comment on Rick Perry’s wrinkled head.  Looking at him reminds me of when I was a kid and  I used to like to get those kraft paper napkins, the kind that they have in cheap restrooms?  You know, the ones that have  no  absorption to them whatsoever!  I remember I would wet them slightly and  then I’d crumple them several times and then I’d smooth them out on my desktop.  I don’t know why I remember doing that- but I do.(  I guess I didn’t have enough to do as a kid in school after lunch.)    I  remember a wet dog smell that clung to my hands and I remember the million little crinkles that the paper held after I smoothed it out on my school desk.  Is it my fault that when I saw Rick’s head I thought of those napkins.

Good Morning!






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