Omegle And Me!

I tried to talk with strangers last night.  My second oldest daughter told me about this website and she suggested I check it out.  So we did.

” I have to warn you Mom…” she said as I was searching for the site.

” I know, there are perverts everywhere!  I’ve been around the block a couple of times myself kiddo.”

” Yeah, but on here everyone asks A/S/L and they won’t talk to you unless you give it.”

” Well, I am not giving it.  We’ll see how it goes.” I said.

So I signed on and immediately a stranger said hi and asked a/s/l.  Now for those of you who aren’t chat officianados that is a request for ‘age, sex, location’.  Do you wonder why I didn’t feel like sharing?

I hung up on the first person.  A new stranger says hi.  I said hi.  I said it was my first time on Omegle.  They asked me something perverse and I hung up.

The third person asked a/s/l?  I told them I didn’t feel like responding.  They asked me if I was horny.  I hung up.

A fourth stranger hung up and I hadn’t even typed hi yet.  That showed me it was easier to get a new stranger if your last stranger hangs up on you!

I said to my daughter it was fun.  She said ”  I told you, you have to tell people what your a/s/l is.  I said “Wrong.”

I found a new stranger and instead of typing ” hi” because that seemed a little tiresome I typed ” woe is me”.  They asked what is wrong?  I said I’m too old.  They asked how old and I said ” I’d rather not say, it hurts too much to be cast aside just  because I’m over 20″.  They said they’d talk to me.

I had my stranger!  Turns out that my stranger was a young Londoner who was up very late because he had been watching videos on Youtube and he needed to chill out a bit.  I was thrilled.  We talked about languages and the UK and we talked about appliances here in the US.  We talked about politics and Apple products.  It was a nice conversation that probably lasted 20 minutes.  In the end my new stranger friend said he was going to print a log of the convo because I had given him some great ideas.  He said he was going to start a new website for oldsters like me!  He said old people’s  ideas were invaluable.

So how do you like that?  I told my daughter about the conversation when she looked up from her ipod about 15 minutes into my conversation with “my stranger”.  She asked how it was going.  I said I’m having a nice conversation.  She asked ” with who?”  I said the same guy I started talking to 20 minutes ago.  She looked at the chat and she started  laughing.

“You are funny Mom.”

I nodded and smiled.  I turned back to the screen where my young London friend had written ” night Gorgeous”.

I nodded and smiled.





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