Fancy Ketchup Anyone?

Heinz Ketchup has a plan to entice Facebook friends to buy their new ketchup.  It’s a little different in color, packaging and taste and it will cost a bit more.  Here is a bit of the story from the UK’s Daily Mail:

It may not please the ketchup purists out there, but Heinz will next month launch a new tomato sauce, ‘blended with balsamic vinegar.’

The altogether posher condiment replaces traditional white vinegar with the sweet, Italian aged vinegar, allowing customers to ‘experience the richer, more sophisticated side of America’s Favorite Ketchup.’

The limited edition sauce will debut on November 14, when it will be available to Heinz Ketchup’s Facebook fans.

Embracing its newly upmarket status, Pittsburgh-based HJ Heinz is quick to recommend pairing its 58th variety of sauce with ‘hamburgeurs,’ ‘haute dogs,’ and ‘French frites.’

A nationwide launch follows at the end of December, when fans across the country can pick up a bottle of the $2.49 sauce in stores.

In keeping with its ‘sophisticated’ market, the price tag of the balsamic sauce sees a steep rise from its namesake original, which sells for $1.89 a bottle.

Adding to its allure, the new ketchup variety will only be sold in ‘luxury’ restaurant-style 14-ounz glass bottles, complete with a black label.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2054273/High-class-Heinz-Ketchup-gets-gourmet-makeover-new-balsamic-vinegar-variety.html#ixzz1c4fnoZOV


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