Wanting More Readers!

Let’s begin by saying I don’t want more readers.  I know that is a very disturbing attitude for a blogger to have.  I’m sorry I have it, but hey, what can you do?

I have readers and I like talking on here with the feeling that I’m actually talking to someone, but every day when I publish my stuff WordPress automatically asks me if I’d like more readers and every day, sometimes multiple times I shake my head no.

I could sell my act, but then I’d have to have an act and this way I just talk about what I feel like talking about and if it attracts the attention of others I consider it a plus, if it doesn’t  then I think so what?!

I’ve said before that I think I have hypergraphia.  I think I absolutely have to write what I think.  I even go so far as to hum along with my sentences to make sure they are what I want to say.  If you were to happen on me doing my writing you might hear me humming along while I type.  It isn’t something I’m proud of- I think it’s kind of weird but it’s my thing.

I’m just thinking that I’m like a dung beetle only I’m collecting newsy detritus.  I’m folding it all up into a big ball and I’m shoving it along.  Nobody can know why…it’s a mystery.

Do dung beetles care if they are being watched as they create their balls of waste? I think not!

Do I want more readers?  Who the hell cares?!




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