Buying Bras in Sweden? Staff Wear Cup Size Tags!

I don’t know why some things are news.  For example, today I noticed that a newspaper in the Poconos is talking about a story it picked up from a Swedish newspaper called the Local.  Now reading the Local for important news is like reading the local Examiner in this country.  It’s a place where you find “interesting stories”.  Well, in this case the story that the Poconos is reading about is a store that has it’s female employees wear their cup and circumference size on a tag in their lingerie shop.

I believe that the chain is called “Change”, but maybe that is a misprint.  And of course it’s possible that the word is Swedish for Change…I haven’t checked out the story yet, but the human resource people can’t figure out why it’s possibly demeaning to women to wear their breast size in public.  The women who are complaining are saying you don’t see men wearing their sizes in public!

I can’t figure out what I think on this story!  I also can’t figure out why it’s news!  But then, why are you reading what I’m writing about a company in Sweden that is asking it’s employees to bare their breast information?

Strange world 🙂






1 thought on “Buying Bras in Sweden? Staff Wear Cup Size Tags!”

  1. Something people often fail to realize, Mo: “News is what an EDITOR thinks news is.” That’s why stuff you and I find newsworthy occasionally never makes it into the papers, and stuff like bar cup size tags does. Usually depends on only one or a few people.

    Good column! Regards,

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor
    The Sanatoga Post

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