Japanese Government Recommends One Pot Cooking

It’s getting colder in Japan these days just like it is here in the US.  We know that they’ve had some serious trouble with their nuclear energy recently and so their government is recommending that people wrap up a little more warmly and that they cook in one pot when making dinner and that they even wear leg warmers and towels around their necks when they go to bed at night.

I’m going to look into the towel around the neck thing, but I already found this Japanese recipe for Nabe which seems like a neat recipe.  I do think it is interesting that the Japanese offer a soup and then they add their own veggies and meats to it.  That is very different than we tend to do here where we expect our soup to be complete out of the can.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to buy more in the way of soup bases and then just add meat or veggies or spices.

Here is a video of Nabe being prepared!  Enjoy.


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