Mrs. Cain’s Gig As A Treasurer!

I know that Mr. Herman Cain wants us to believe that his wife Gloria is a homemaker.  I know he’s been bragging about her cooking lately.  I know that she’s raised two grown children and I imagine she is a bright and creative lady so I’m thinking that it is a little odd that she’s so invisible.

It doesn’t take long to hunt for information online so when I started looking for Mrs. Cain I found that she was working as a treasurer for Mr. Cain’s company ” The New Voice Inc.”.  That company was started in 2004 I think.  That means that Mrs. Cain may or may not have been working as the treasurer since 2004.  To most modern women that would be considered  a job outside of the home.

Still, Cain is saying his wife is different. She just wants to “grandmommy” the US.





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