Where is Mrs. Herman Cain?

This is the week we are going to be introduced to the Missus, at least that is what the Cain camp is saying after allegations of sexual misconduct started dogging their candidate.  Cain says there were no sexually improper behaviors in his past and he says that the women who say otherwise are making stories up.  He wants us to believe everyone has been accused of sexually inappropriate advances…even pool reporters! Eeek

So what do you think?  Is this just slime to toss at a guy who is appearing to run  toe to toe with the favorite ( Mitt?) or is this a hint of more to come?

For those of you who are confident that your man Cain has been cleared of all misdeeds, check out the news over at Politico that is saying that the women who were “paid off” were required to sign papers that said they wouldn’t talk about their allegations, or the pay outs.

Nothing happened, they were just paid somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 figures to move along and shut up about the whole thingl.

Nothing happened!




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