Help Me Open Our Own “Nook” Here in Town!

Ideas are a dime a dozen!  I know that but I also know a good idea when I see  one and I was reading about a place in Canada where they’ve opened a friendly little place that invites average folks to come in and set awhile.  Perhaps they can work on a project while they are there, or maybe they can create some music, or maybe they can work on planning a sculpture.  It sounded like a place where creative people could hang out with folks who wanted to purchase something unique or extra special.  It sounded like a very cool place to hang out.

I have talked about this before with some friends in the Pottstown area.  And I’m not the only person that would want to hang out in a space like this.  I’m not envisioning a place where there is one owner and a lot of visitors instead I’m imagining a place that is a part of the community.  Like a “rec center” without the basketball courts and mah jong.

There are plenty of vacant spaces in Pottstown!  This place I’m envisioning would be clean, well lit, and it would have light refreshments and a place to hang out and talk, or create, or make music.

Now I know that there are locations in our area where folks can already congregate to make music, or recite poetry, or throw pots but the space I’m thinking of is less commercial than some of those places are.  I don’t mean to make it seem that commercial spaces are a bad thing- I think we need a lot more of them in Pottstown!  But I also think we need to create a community feel before we can expect downtown to be flooded with shoppers and walkers. 

Our “Nook” would be that place. 

Okay, so the idea is out there.  I need more people with ideas to help build this!  Send me your thoughts and your energy!  You can contact me at mogallant@gmail.com

I’m going to keep harping on this!  Why?  Well, because I think we deserve it!




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