Tomorrow is National Sandwich Day!

I’m not going to tell you about the Earl of Sandwich.  That poor guy has been trotted out so many times for developing the first sandwich that I’m sure if he were alive today he’d deny having anything to do with creating the first sandwich…oh wait, am I trotting him out just by talking about him???


The truth is I posted the BOGO deal at Subway this morning in honor of tomorrow.  Subway however doesn’t sell America’s favorite sandwich though.  America’s favorite so far is still the burger!

And now it’s time for a personal story.  About ten years ago I was lucky enough to get to go on a trip to Australia.  It was as marvelous as it sounds.  Australia is a beautiful country and the people are warm and very comfortable with foreign guests but there were some things they just didn’t do right!  For example whenever I asked for a ‘soda’ my waiter or waitress would instantly rush off and bring me back a soda water.  Naturally that makes a lot of sense but it wasn’t at all what I wanted!  I wanted them to give me my selection of icy carbonated beverages.  But they didn’t.  Another odd experience was when I ordered a steak sandwich.  I thought it would be a shredded beef sandwich smothered with cheese on a roll that was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.  Instead I got  a steak on a hard roll.  I’m telling you it took me a few minutes of just staring at it and I’m not ashamed to say I wanted to start crying.  An actual piece of steak slammed into a torpedo shaped hard roll just wasn’t what I was hoping for!

I guess I’m trying to remind us all that there are some things we’ve grown used to that are uniquely American. Sure you can find stores overseas that appear to be selling what we can get here at home, and of course they’ll say they have the same food that America has -I don’t think anyone thinks  American cuisine is  all that sophisticated, but that is the point!  A lot of us like bowls filled with chicken and corn and bacon and cheese!  We like hotdogs covered in cornmeal and fried.  We like burgers smothered with barbecue sauce and onions.

Our sandwiches are a part of our identity!  We like grabbing a bag filled with take-out food and we like eating on the run.  We like fatty fries and we like milk shakes and ‘sodas’.

Sure,an English earl might have started the sandwich craze, but America has definitely improved on it!

What is your favorite food on bread?





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