I’ve been fascinated by a TLC program on hoarding.  I watch when I get the chance because I can’t stop looking at the homes that people have filled with what viewers probably consider trash but the owners consider treasures.

I’m sort of struck by the idea that a lot of these people shop regularly because they get a good feeling from their purchases whether they are bought at thrift shops, or online, or from television shopping channels, or  traditional stores.

When I first saw a segment a year or so ago I felt instant revulsion and worry.  I mean my house has been known to look incredibly sloppy because organization is not second nature to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood with an item in my relatively tiny house wondering where I’m supposed to put it.  But there is a huge difference between having a kitchen cabinet shelf piled with plastic storage containers and a home filled with piles of items.

Plus I understand wanting to “fluff a nest”.  I’m sure that the need to purchase things to create a magical place to live can go haywire.  Wanting a perfect place to live and having a perfect place to live are two different things and since we aren’t really taught how to choose the things we surround ourselves with, we can keep buying in order to try to match our environment to all of the places we’ve known or admired in our lifetimes.

I know that the older I get the more I yearn for items that had meaning to me when I was a kid.  I was just about to buy a set of dishes that reminded me very much of a set that my Mom has.  But it was one of those deals that if I didn’t buy it this week then the price would go up and I don’t have the ability to throw everything that I’ve got planned aside so I have to imagine I’d pay more and I’ve decided that I’m just going to have to say no to that item!  But as I’m thinking about it I’m thinking that it will be okay!  There is a big difference for me  between a want and a need.  I wonder if that piece is missing for some of the hoarders that the television show highlights.

So do you think you have a hoarding problem?  The more homes that that show features with the same sort of issues makes me think that there are folks all over the place that sort of hide their addiction to stuff.  Maybe there really are people here in our area that are suffering with similar sort of crazed households.  Trust me, I know it must be shameful so I’m not asking you to share your story here! I just wanted to talk about it because it’s one of those things we don’t often talk about in public.  It is my experience that it’s the subjects that we are afraid to talk about that cause the most trouble.

If you feel like talking about it- you’ve got a friend right here! I may not have the same level of anxiety that some people have about their posessions but I understand the pain associated with not having a house that reflects who you want to be.  Like  I’m ashamed that I can’t sort my sock drawer!   I get that some people can’t sort any part of their homes!  I have a hard time sorting items in my shopping cart at the supermarket!  I can’t sort flowers I want in my garden from flowers that gardening stores sell.  I can’t throw away a paperback book even if it was crap and even if it is just cluttering up my house!  I really understand how close we all can be to feeling that sense of shame and embarrassment about our homes or our offices, or our cars, or our garages, or our book bags, or our selves!

Just remember, you need someone to talk to…you’ve got someone.  You just send me an email  and you let me know if you want me to respond!



It is eleven-ish on a Saturday night and I’m going to go sort my utensils.  Why?  Because I deserve to find a teaspoon easily when I need one and that is that! 🙂





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