Kefer, Lydon, Zahora, Porter, Williams, Hakebost

Those are the six candidates I’d choose to build Pottstown’s School Board with people that seem that they might work together to create a positive change in the schools.

I like Kefer’s clear thinking.  I like the way Porter presents her ideas.  I like Williams for being straight up front, I like Zahora for her wealth of information about the district, I like Lydon for her feel for the larger picture of schools in a community and I like Hakebost because he’s new and he seems willing to build Pottstown schools even though he’s got a few ideas that I think are totally unacceptable like cutting sports totally out of the budget and asking parents in the community to worry about maintenance of the local schools based on his son’s experience with Kimberton Waldorf.

I am not going with Wausnock.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything from Hammer that makes me feel he’s committed.

Kefer mentioned in the Mercury’s roundtable his concerns about future repairs in the district.  He was concerned that in order to get financial help from the State we’d be tying our hands when it comes to future improvements.  Well, from what I’ve read it seems like schools can file for exemptions so that they aren’t stuck when real repairs are necessary especially older buildings like the stock that Pottstown’s are made up of.

I mentioned my worry with Hakebost.  He’s coming to the table with his own personal experiences and while that is probably true of everyone, I’m hoping he’ll accept that there are differences in public education as compared with private.  For example  I’d like to know about the building that Kimberton Waldorf is housed in.  Was it originally a public school building built with public dollars?  It’s great to brag about KW parents but I don’t know if you can take one school and apply it’s best practices to an entire district. I hope that Hakebost is open minded enough to recognize that.

Good luck with voting on Tuesday Pottstown!





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