Why Listen To Me?!

Hey!  No one has appointed me to speak from on high about how folks should view things!  I have no hidden knowledge!  I am not a professional pundit.  I don’t make a living offering my opinion!

If you come to read what I am thinking there is a good chance that you happened on my site because you were asking questions using the same words I’m using to write about subjects.    In other words I’m simply stating my own point of view and sometimes what I think will match what you my readers think.  This is our new odd interconnected world. Just remember that reading something here online doesn’t make it right, it just makes a thought weightier.  Opinions and feelings gain solidity by being in print.  We can parse through them and choose which aspects we agree with and which we don’t.

I just want to attest to the best of my abilities that I’m not that special.  I just write what I think.  And I’m very glad that there are other people, like you, who come and share the experience.

I’m not all that, but then I am honestly not pretending to be!







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